Best Witch Anime That Will Shock You With Their Black Magic

Best Witch Anime That Will Shock You With Their Black Magic

Have you ever noticed what comes to mind when you hear about witches? What do you associate witches with, good or bad? The existence of witches has been an interesting thing. It is because they are always associated with big hats, their boiling potions, riding on brooms, etc.

In anime, witches are expressed widely because they exist in all forms and shapes: good and evil, old and young, liberators and villains, and smart and dumb.

Believe it or not, witches have proved to be some of the smartest beings in anime. They possess deep knowledge and intelligence that humans will not even come close to.

Remember when you were young, all the fairytales you read or watched portrayed witches as evil? Unfortunately, this just shows a bad representation of the diversity in witchcraft.

While some are just straight villains, some witches tag team with the human heroes for the good. If you have watched a good number of witch anime, l know you are nodding in agreement now. Even though you are still new here, don’t worry; I will prove my point.

Without wasting time, go ahead and check the list of different witch anime below and see which ones are your favorites.

1. Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki’s Delivery Service

I bet you are going to love this touching Ghibli’s story. The protagonist, Kiki, was just a mere witch. To become a pro-witch, she had to become a whole adult and relocate to a new place.

As she gets there, she realizes that she doesn’t like the responsibilities of being an adult, especially when it comes to money. I understand her frustration, though; being an adult ain’t easy.

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She used her broom-riding skills to her advantage by using it to start a delivery business. You can get emotional easily with this story. And the way the story is, it’s like what a normal human being would go through. Make sure not to skip this masterpiece.

2. ‘Someday’s Dreamers’

‘Someday’s Dreamers’

I have noticed that most witch series are emotional. People practiced magic daily in this anime, but this wasn’t meant for them to use it in endless wars and fighting. Being the center of the story, Yumi Kikuchi was still being taught how to save people through her magic.

She learned that magic could be touching and that there was much more to it. The plot unveiled when she was in Tokyo shows how people can be drawn to each other when the power of magic is used for good. Isn’t this how it’s supposed to be like all the time, though?

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This series will take you into the world where you explore the little moments and experience the beauty of magic. You will feel Yume’s emotions as she travels through her witch journey filled with obstacles, happiness, and sadness. Magic comes with its weight, and some aspects will feel relatable in the real world.

All of this will be displayed with witchcraft as the root of the narrative, but I trust your imagination will be taken afar. Grab your popcorn and a blanket and turn off the lights for this beautiful experience.

3. Elaina Is The Ashen Witch (Wandering Witch)

Elaina Is The Ashen Witch (Wandering Witch)

Do you know about Elaina’s mastery of magic? She endured times that matured her way of thinking despite spending her whole life as someone who didn’t tolerate defeat.

Her whole life, she thought she was an untouchable witch. This arrogance was not gonna last long, though. All this ended, and her softer side began to flourish. She was now starting to show up for others in times of need. It was a whole shift in character you wouldn’t want to miss for anything.

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Elaina was a novel addict, and whenever she was down, she loved to revisit all the stories she had read. Every time she goes through a phrase, she looks back at it. It is her way of seeing her learning about life and seeing how far she has grown.

4. Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl’s Moving Castle

Did you know this anime was one of the most successful in the Japanese witch genre? The plot focuses on a pretty, innocent girl named Sophie. She was doing her regular work in a retail hat store when her fate went in an unexpected direction. This follows her attending to an odd man being chased by unknown beings.

The Witch of Andes put a bad spell on Sophie after this encounter. What will she do now? Sophie goes on a quest in an attempt to undo the spell. The person she is looking for is that odd man, Howl the sorcerer.

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When these two met again, their bond grew tighter and tighter. I assure you you won’t leave your seat as the plot progresses. As scary as it sounds that she was all alone with an old man, it didn’t turn out as bad. You will actually start to admire their relationship.

5. Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Ryu Yamada got into witchcraft by bumping into a group of seven witches who had supernatural powers. Their powers could be activated when they kiss.

You might be wondering how this is possible, but when magic is involved, there are no limits. Whether the kiss was intentional or accidental, Yamada could change bodies with others in the school.

Now, Yamada and the other witches were helping their peers with problems with puberty. She teamed up with Urara Shiraishi and Miyamura to dig deep into the mysteries of witchcraft. They wanted to accomplish this, but their relationships and school were still waiting for their attention.

6. Tweeny Witches

Tweeny Witches

I will start by telling you that the witches in this anime are nothing like all the other witches above. They are self-centered and do things that only benefit them.

Arusu finds herself in another world swarmed with witches. She was a bubble-pretty girl who didn’t find what these witches were doing funny.

This series will show you the stereotypical type of witches you grew up knowing about. Arusu wanted to stop them from seizing other creatures. Do you think it will be easy for her to change their ill behavior? Why don’t you stop being curious and just go ahead and watch what really happened?

7. The Familiar of Zero

The Familiar of Zero

Understanding the main character of this anime will make it easy for you to flow with the series. She was stubborn, boastful, and lacked control of her magic. People tease her because she is just a nobody.

A group of unknown people takes her in, and she is now one of them. Accidentally, she calls for a very strong familiar, eventually becoming her savior.

The familiar was a boy, not just a silly object or animal. A boy. Now, can you imagine what happened after being together? Go and check out this beautifully insane story.

8. Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Frieren_ Beyond Journey’s End

Check out this anime where the story revolves around Frieren, a fairy witch. You should notice how all the fighting strategies involve the vast use of magic, which makes sense that this is a witch anime. He was in the same squad with the demon king slayers with whom he spent a decade. It was a big achievement for them.

He was an elf, so this was just a fraction of his life, which his colleagues could not experience. They had to experience everything bad that resulted from their mistakes.

Freinen starts to rethink the essence of his life and the memories that came along with it. The series has some hilarious moments and situations you can relate to.

9. ‘Witch Hunter Robin’

‘Witch Hunter Robin’

If you have been looking for something more mature and vile, this is for you. There is a world where a witch is anyone with mystical powers, which are sometimes a threat.

There is Robin Sena, who belongs to STN-J, and her purpose is to take down these witches. She walks her journey while wrestling against the mysteries of finding out where witches and humans differ. What you want is what this anime gives you. As the title suggests, you will have it all: drama, excitement, suspense, celestial encounters.

This anime is one of a kind, as it clearly shows how much one can do with power and how much one can lose when they are afraid. Witches are viewed differently depending on beliefs and societal norms.

Robin’s journey will leave you open-minded and question how well, as a people, we have differentiated the good and the evil. A series that looks into the complications and humanity, subtle characters, and power. The beautifully twisted plot, which will keep you guessing, isn’t something you would want to miss.

10. Ririka Moriya Is Cheerful & Outgoing (Nurse Angel Ririka SOS)

Ririka Moriya Is Cheerful & Outgoing (Nurse Angel Ririka SOS)

Ririka Moriya is one of the most uncertain of all the witches in anime. Ririka is just a small girl who dreams of becoming a nurse one day. Despite her uncertainty, we have to give her flowers for her accomplishments.

Ririka realizes she can turn to a nurse just by saying a spell doesn’t have to wait for adulthood anymore. You can see stability in her behavior, showing maturity after becoming a nurse. It caused her to lose her spark, and she was no longer the jolly girl you used to know.

11. ‘Maria the Virgin Witch’

‘Maria the Virgin Witch’

With Maria as the main character, this series explores how Maria wanted to stop the Hundred Years War, which she thought was nonbeneficial. Even though her intentions were good, she was told by other mystical beings that she did not have to get involved in the complexities of the human race.

She was unwilling to give up and do what other heavenly beings were doing, resulting in her dreams crashing with the obedience to her identity.

This anime’s narrative reveals how witches got involved in human matters when the whole race was controversial. Maria displays her boldness towards any voice that wants to stop her.

You will see how the whole series breaks the stereotype of witches just playing with wands. It goes on to show how witches can be useful in matters of the moral race and bring them into harmony with the divine world.

12. Soul Eater Not!

Soul Eater Not!

You will enjoy this journey of three girls as they try to survive in a cursed world. Kids are taught to face mystical creatures from a young age, and there is an academy for that.

Tsunami Harudori, Meme Tatane, and Anya Hepburn start to get allies to help them unlock their inner powers to survive. They work tirelessly to expose the threats that fall on DWMA and their afterlife.

13. Sugar Sugar Rune

Sugar Sugar Rune

This is a serious series that’s gonna talk on a ride of deep emotions. Two witches from the supernatural world, Vanilla and Chocolat, come to the mortal world. They competed to see who was worthy of being the Queen of their world.

As they were on Earth together, they began to understand the concept of friendship, love, and emotions. With all this happening, they had to balance their identity as witches living on Earth.

It happened that their paranormal world was under attack, and they conquered the attackers. They then confessed how they felt towards each other.

14. Mary and the Witch’s Flower

Mary and the Witch’s Flower

Give this anime a few hours, and you won’t regret it. The story centers around Mary, who was going about her usual life when her life changed. One day, she sees a cat walking, and curiosity gets the best of her.

She walked behind the cat until she reached a place with unusual flowers. The following day, Mary saw the cat again at the same place, but today, it was a broom, not flowers.

Suddenly, she finds herself in a witch school but is clueless about how she got there. Poor Mary should have just minded her business after seeing a mere cat.

She starts learning about witchcraft and becomes an apprentice. This magic she now possessed soon enough becomes a problem as evil powers are now targeting her.

15. ‘Magical DoReMi’ (also known as “Ojamajo Doremi”)

‘Magical DoReMi’ (also known as “Ojamajo Doremi”)

This series starts with heat when Doremi Harukaze encounters a legit witch and turns her into a frog. Doremi then becomes an amateur in witchcraft, which sets the plot’s whole motion with many adventures. Several moments she goes through are relatable and filled with fun and curiosity.

She and her walk this path together as they educate themselves about magic and still have to go through their normal lives. You wouldn’t want to miss any of the episodes of the series, and the narrative flows from one to another.

It’s not entirely a witch anime but also dives into self-growth and character development concepts. Not only did they learn to cast spells, but they were also eye-opening to see the importance of staying power, endurance, sympathy, and patience.

The series shows the good and dark side of using magic. The animation is phenomenal; captivating characters, colorful visuals, and an insane plot make this anime a viewer’s favorite.

16. ‘Blue Exorcist’

‘Blue Exorcist’

This anime is qualified to be on this list. It doesn’t necessarily tackle the concept of witches, but it’s worth watching. It mainly focuses on demonic forces, exorcism(purification), and a never-ending rivalry between light and darkness. Rin Okumura was the Devil’s son, but he chose the path of exorcism.

He dreams of becoming the greatest exorcist that he could conquer his father. For his training, he attends an academy where he meets his fellows with the same goal. The plot touches on acceptance, identity, and a differentiation between good and evil.

17. Makoto Kowata Is Cheerful & Laidback (Flying Witch)

Makoto Kowata Is Cheerful & Laidback (Flying Witch)

Let me give you a little difference between the beginning of witchcraft in Flying Witch and every other anime. The rule was that you had to become a self-taught witch once you turned 15 and do everything independently.

Makoto Kowata had a hard time becoming a powerful witch like others. Her problems didn’t make her lose her joy and composure.

You might think she is silly and clumsy, but believe her efforts are equal to everyone else. When she does something wrong, she tries to learn from it, and it does dim her light.

Be like Makoto. Her life doesn’t revolve around witchcraft only; sometimes, she spends time with her peers and adjusts to living in Japan for the first time.

18. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

And lastly, here is another witch anime for you from 2011 that is far from what you would expect from witch anime.

Shift and Aniplex production made sure to fool us from the beginning of the series by mimicking the introduction of the usual anime. As the plot unfolds, you can see the mind-blowing twist of events that will shock you.

Madoka was faced with battles from other witches. She had to fight to survive. Life wasn’t what it looked like from the beginning; there were no fantasies.

This anime will make your jaw drop through the series. I can assure you that you will love this anime; the fact that you can’t guess what’s coming next makes it worth watching.

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