Fastest Anime Characters – Who Are the Anime Flash?

Fastest Anime Characters Who Are the Anime Flash

Have you watched Fast and Furious movies? If you have, you must love speed, and if you love speed, you must like to know about the fastest anime characters.

There’s some kind of thrill in speed that people love cars that they can drive with maximum speed. The speed of airplanes can take them from one place to another at miles per hour.

Or be it the fighter jets that can destroy the enemy grounds in a few seconds; speed can really come in handy when we are running low on time. This brings us to our topic of the speediest anime characters who can run at the speed of light.

Speed allows the anime characters to doge their enemies or play very fast. The anime characters take very little time to go from one place to another in case they need to save people speedily from a potential threat. In today’s ear speed can naturally be considered as a superpower.

Let’s talk about the speediest anime characters; who is the anime Flash?

20. Tenya Ida

Tenya Ida

The coolest and fastest anime character from the anime My Hero Academia is Tenya Ida. Tenya is the class A -1 Representative from the U.A. High School. He aspires to be a professional hero. He got his reputation running fast ahead of him, just like his speed.

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His lightning-fast reactions, fast reflexes, and high speed let him stay many steps ahead of his enemy. He is able to defeat his enemies with speed, which is great strength. The anime focuses on Tenys Ida’s strive to become the strongest person in the My Hero Academia.

19. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic

Speed o Sound Sonic

We would smile at every parent who would like to name their kid after the Sonic anime character. He is the fastest skilled runner. He can dodge all the obstacles with his running skills.

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He is blessed with running skills, and his speed can go on par with Genos; he can run past the demon cyborg with his rocket-powered nuclear reactors. He can give a better fight with his realistic fighting skills. Even when going against Saitama, Sonic was still spectacular.

18. Sorahiko Torino

Sorahiko Torino

An old but still the fastest anime character, Surahio Torino is really special for his kind.

He is so fast that he can’t be seen with the average eye.

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You can keep the policeman or fireman waiting while a fast character like Sorahiko Torino arrives just in time and saves the day.

Torino’s special ability can help save lives in need of critical hours.

17. Yuuki Tenpouin

Yuuki Tenpouin

Yuuki Tenpoin is another fast character from the Code-breaker anime. His special ability is to easily manipulate sound waves. He is not only fast at running but also good at manipulating and generating, along with sound shaping.

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He can amplify his sounds very efficiently. He can utilize his voice very powerfully, and he is capable of creating carters. He is the lifter of heavy objects and can use sheer force to amplify his powers.

He can move at the speed of sound and can combat even in difficult situations. You will be astonished to know that his running creates an afterimage of astonishing sound speed when he runs.

16. Hiei 


The fast and speedway character from Yu Yu Hakusho, Hiei, runs at the fastest speed. He can unleash at least sixteen lighting strikes with his remarkable agility in running super fast.

He is amazing at teleportation skills. He is best known for his amazing swordsmanship. He can stand against adversities, and his skills favor him in close combat areas.

He possesses amazing strength and is a class-C demon, his exceptional abilities in the Yu Yu Hakusho’s Universe.

15. Ryo Shimazaki

Ryo Shimazaki

Ryo Shimazaki is the speediest character from Mob Psycho 100, an exceptionally skilled Esper. He was disbanded because he became a team member of the terrorist group called Claw, who was also once a part of the famous Ultimate 5 team.

Ryo has a bit of a laid-back personality and is also arrogant. His perspective of life is also very different from others. Esper is filled with high confidence and self-esteem.

14. Luck Voltia 

Luck Voltia

Luck Voltia is a 5th-class junior magic knight, and he is the fastest of the squad in the whole Clover kingdom. He is the human vessel for the elf named Lufulu.

His personality is unique, and he leans more towards sociopathy, and he can express his emotions except for joy. He is highly possessed and passionate about his combat skills and attains great pleasure in defeating his opponents.

13. Sonic from Sonic X

Sonic from Sonic X

Sonic is the most loved character of the Hedgehog series; he is the classic character whosewho’s running skills take him from here to anywhere.

He can run at the speed of light and is always ready to take action against any enemy he faces without losing his cool. He can always level up in spite of a constantly nagging Eggman.

His combat enemy fighting is of great level, and he can master the sonic race far beyond his exceptional velocity speed. His speed feels like a lightning bolt.

12. Shinra Kusakabe

Shinra Kusakabe

Shinra is the older brother of Sho. And he gets the privilege of being an older brother single-handedly. Even though he is the fastest character, he still cannot counter the Adolla Link even with the help of Evangelist.

We all remember how Victor Licht creepily watches over the coroner behind the pillar, and he still doesn’t notice that Shinra surpassed at the speed of light from near him.

How did that happen? This happened in a matter of seconds as his body got reduced to molecular particles, and they could travel back together at the speed of light.

If you see him from the view of time, his speed is even faster than the speed of time.

We can see the fire going boom as Shinra Kusakabe runs by.

11. Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenjitsu can hit the speed of lightning and can cut his opponents in less than a second. He is the fastest one among the manga characters.

If you don’t like anime episode spoilers ahead of watching, then we are warning you about it now. The upper moon demon will track down Daki as the demon has extrasensory perception.

Zenitsu moves at an unrealistic speed when it comes to traveling a shorter distance of time. Fans can’t catch his speed, and many times, they revert their episodes to rewatch them in case they have missed something.

10. Killua Zoldyck

Killua Zoldyck

Killua Zoldyck is just a 12-year-old character who still cannot be underestimated.

He can’t react at all when his little heart is attacked with the pain of assassination and has to react with calmness.

At a very young age, he had to face the enemies who killed his near-death ones like Johness.

He finally removed the limiter on his head and was able to amplify his jumping power.

He can run at Godspeed almost 40 kilometers (25 kilometers) in just 10 minutes. This also includes unfavorable terrain. But when running on a paved road, he can become much faster than that. He can take his speed to the speed of lightning as well.

9. Licht 


Licht, also known as Rihito, can easily distinguish between the role of elf and 10 other Apostles of Sephirah. Litch has high-speed running capabilities, and he has a wonderful connection with Tetia, who is a royal.

They work together to bring two worlds as one. Elf is faced with the cruel massacre, this made Litch to transform himself into a vengeful and ferocious demon. He is now ready to assault the clover kingdom on his own accord.

The Yuno magician acknowledges his inability to see Litch move with his naked eyes. Beyond these qualities, Litch is also a formidable light magic user.

8. Licht Bach 

Licht Bach

Licht Bach is one of the fastest characters in the Plunderer anime series. Lychee even has the title assigned to his name, “Flash Baron,” who goes incredibly fast.

With his advanced legs, Licht Bash can go to the speed of light. He can surpass the speed of light and go long distances without getting tired. He is remarkably quick whenever he has to showcase his incredible reflexes.

He can jump to different heights displaying his extraordinary skills to cover great distances of traveling. Some think he is fleeing whenever Lich Bach runs away, but this is not the case scenario.

7. Admiral Kizaru

Admiral Kizaru

You will feel like a roller coaster ride when you watch One Piece; he is indisputably the fastest character from One Piece. Admiral Kizaru, I stopped fast for others to catch up.

His general name is Kizaru, and he is one undefeatable opponent. He can fight with the quickest speed and attacks, which can’t even be seen with normal eyes.

Kizaru has the ability to transform his body into pure lighting speed after he gets to eat the Glint-Glint fruit. He powers up to run at the fastest speed and is nearly undefeatable.

He is even able to control his powers to an unformidable level. He can handle high beams of light and also be able to deal with massive amounts of damage to his body.

6. Saitama


Saitama is one more unforgettable anime character who is too fast to be seen with a normal human eye. To be honest, you can even say that Saitama is the fastest in the Universe, so he enters our list. Saitama is known to be the most impressive, speedy character and is known as the hero for his heroic acts.

Saitama is even outside the speed of the fastest Sonic, his speedy ability. When he fought the battle of Boros and went running to the moon, Saitama immediately returned to the moon in only 1.5 seconds. He is one of the strongest fighters and also the fastest runner.

If we calculate the distance between the moon and planet Earth, we find that Saitama was able to travel at 256,266 Km/s or March 753,059. Isn’t that an insane speed at which he can travel? He is one of the strongest fighters from the One Punch Man.

5. Minato Namikaze

Minato Namikaze

How can we forget about Minato Namikaze, who may not be from the Flash family, but he is a super-skilled, speedy traveler. He doesn’t run on his legs, but he can travel at the speed of light and transport at lightning speed.

He has the skill of doing the markings and gets teleported wherever his markings are present. He is not just called the Kohnoha’s Yellow Flash. He is called that due to his flying thunder technique formula market. This technique was initially created by Tobirama Senju.

4. Goku


Almost everyone loves the super Saiyan from the Dragon Ball Z anime, whom we also know as Kakarot. He is one of the most beloved protagonists who was originally sent to planet Earth as a baby Saiyan.

But his memory was altered after running into an accident. But who knows that when he grows up, one day, he is going to become the biggest protector of planet Earth. He is also the unofficial team leader of the team of Dragons.

Goku went through intensive training with his sheer determination and was able to save the planet earth on multiple different occasions.

Goku became a highly advanced soldier and was able to achieve speeds of 2.4 times through training. In his Super Saiyan God form, he can even reach up to the level of 400 times stronger strength.

Goku’s exceptional strength and speed make him super fast. He just lifts his two fingers and is out of sight. In just a blink of an eye, he can teleport himself to another planet. Once, he even fought two simultaneous battles by teleporting from one side to another.

3. Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo was nothing but an average high school student until the powers of a Soul Reaper were thrust upon him.

However, unlike other human beings, Ichigo was gifted with superhuman abilities like extraordinary strength, quick reflexes, and supersonic speed to combat the most formidable of foes.

Before learning Shunpo, a speed technique that allows the user to move so quickly they evade the human eye, Ichigo already displayed impressive speeds.

When fighting his enemies, he can strike fast and land hits while evading fast attacks. Certainly, he can reach speeds up to Mach 286,, equal to 219,438 mph.

2. Korosensei


Korosensei is another speedy person who is the fastest as compared with the other characters. Speed is a core part of the anime, and Koro Sensei from Class-3 E Kids is the teacher who teaches kids to be speedy.

You can only see the after-impact from the places that he runs from. He can travel 20 times the speed of sound so you can imagine how fast he can be. He can take a round trip to Mexico in just a few minutes, and =he can even get you a souvenir from Nepal when he returns.

Bet he can save a lot of money on his travel tickets.

1. Whis


This is another fast character; he is remarkably very impressive. He is incredibly skilled at running and uses his running abilities as the serving guide angle.

He also attends to Beerus. Like all other attendants, this is a martial arts teacher and grand minister. But Whis is bound to serve his deity, so he rarely can leave his duties. But one thing we can say about him is that his role is extremely crucial for maintaining balance and order.

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