Best Depressed Anime Girl Characters That Represents Sigma

Best Depressed Anime Girl Characters That Represents Sigma

Studying the mind and human behavior encourages us to watch those sorrowful and unhappy characters. The reason is that it is very easy to relate and is some sort of therapy. Girls with feelings of depression and unhappiness are struggling; some are even ashamed, and they don’t understand their struggles.

The way our own real-life struggles are painted and portrayed through these anime girl characters makes it easy for us to understand their situations.

Through the impression of their struggles, it is also some sort of therapy for us as an audience. And at some point, we get solutions for our own problems only by seeing how these girls handle their own struggles.

These girls are wonderful and very useful for our benefit, hence why I decided to share them with you. This right here is a list of the sorrowful and unhappy anime girl characters.

20. Mamimi Samejina

Mamimi Samejina

She is attractive and a character who prefers and chooses not to socialize with others. Mamimi has brown hair and she likes taking on different kinds or sorts of tamed animals for companionship.

This girl is always smoking one cigarette from the other, but she is an amazing photographer. It gives the impression that her colleagues intimidate and coerce her at school by taking advantage of her vulnerability. In every part of the series, she is under the bridge by herself smoking, usually without putting on a shoe on one of her feet.

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She had some belongings on her own, which included her two nice and wonderful cameras, a computer geared towards video gaming, and her phone.

There was only one number on her phone, which was her ex-boyfriend. Could she be going through a heartbreak? Well, all I can say is that this shows how much she loved keeping her boyfriend’s number even after he left her.

19. Yuuko Kanoe

Yuuko Kanoe

She is an apparition of a certain girl who passed away in one of Seikyou Academy’s long-standing buildings. Yuuko moves around the school grounds aimlessly, and she cannot remember anything until she is found by Teiichi Niiya. 6 decades from now, the village where she used to stay with her family has a deadly contagious disease.

The village believed it was Yuuko’s family’s misfortune and that they were responsible for that incident. This was because it was her family’s duty to take care of the holy place devoted to a Mountain God. They had a doctrine of sacrificing one’s thing of great value and importance to God’s Messenger.

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It was a way of keeping God from invoking a curse against them or uttering profanity, and now the holy place has slowly gone from a bad condition to the worst.

Yuuko’s mother’s death caused a great sudden, uncontrollable fear among the villagers. She formally announced the offering to God by her sister, who decided to take the responsibility of God’s Messenger.

When she died, she had a treacherous heart, which made her move around aimlessly, completely and permanently gone.

18. Seras Victoria

Seras Victoria

This character’s life is full of sorrow and distress; just like all the other girls on my list, she went through a lot. His father went into a difficult situation that he could not escape while working in secret. Unfortunately, through some investigations he was discovered where he came from.

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They savagely and violently killed him as well as his wife, and they raped and sexually assaulted her mother’s dead body in her eyes. This distressing and disturbing impression made her behave vigorously with other children. She was prohibited from the institution that cared for orphans, and no one felt pity for her.

Most of the things were uncertain and confusing till she became a police officer like her father used to be. At last, she only had two options: either she becomes a vampire, or she dies.

17. Hanabi Yasuraoka

Hanabi Yasuraoka

Nothing beats the distressing of longing for someone who does not share your sentiments. It hits differently especially if you are still a teenager with feelings starting to develop and promising.

Love in relationships is represented not to be smooth; it is unfair in the series Scum’s Wish. Hanabi once got into a relationship that was carried out badly and left her in a discouraging condition and lost her determination.

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This, therefore, led her to be in a relationship with this other guy as a way of using him to heal from the past. Love may last for a short period, but it leaves internal marks.

16. Hayami Kohinata

Hayami Kohinata

She is rejected from society and looked down upon; she was once part of a wealthy doctor’s family. Her parents used not to give medical care or attention to people who could not pay their full amount of treatment bills.

After the setting of fire by the people of the society on Hayami’s family’s large, impressive house, she was the only person who survived the tragedy.

She was rejected and avoided by grown-ups, and they even intimidated and coerced her. On the other hand, her colleagues mock her for not having a house and living in the outer parts of the city. Hayami was fortunate enough that a handsome, brave, police and a perfect boyfriend came through for her.

15. Haruka Kotoura

Haruka Kotoura

She’s a leading character in the series Kotoura- san; her personality is pleasant, kind, gentle, charming, and delightful. Everything used to be well until a certain time when her ability started taking over. Things in people’s minds started recurring to her, and it made her restless and distressed.

Her superpowers made her parents leave her with her grandfather, and people around kept showing no affection for her. Students from her school even started to call her a frightening imaginary creature, leaving her with no option except to become a loner.

She had unpleasant and worried thoughts of losing her loved ones. This made her life a living hell, but she finally met Yoshihisa Mababe.

14. Annie Leonhart

Annie Leonhart

The whole series of Attack On Titan is a cause for cautiousness of feeling a complete loss of hope, accompanied by anguish, desperation, and sadness. Annie Leonhart is the first witness of all this.

She’s extremely cute, pretty, and smart brain-wise; Annie is also a perfect fit for fighting. Leonhart has a cool behavior that does not show worry, anger, or excitement, which keeps her unhappy life. This girl sees herself as a frightening imaginary creature because of the extremely bad way she was brought up.

13. Lala-Ru


She’s the leading character of the Now And Then, Here And There anime show, a show that is filled with sadness and miserable feelings.

Lala-Ru is the most sorrowful and unhappy character in the show. This girl is a water diviner, envied and magical, so she keeps her original person and way of life away from society.

12. Misuzu Kamio

Misuzu Kamio

She is a young girl who has bad luck, experiences problems and is unhappy. Misuzu is also an energetic girl who has a problem with falling.

Her insanity makes her cry in a manner that is not controllable and for no cause or justification for crying whenever she makes friends. This once happened while playing cards with Yutiko, her new friend.

The saddest part about Misuzu’s life is that she did not get a happy ending, but her situation worsened daily. This whole thing made Yutiko start thinking of leaving her.

11. Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet

Though Erza is strong, she is in a situation whereby she is isolated from others even though there is potential for contact or interaction.

She had lived a confusing and very disturbing life, so she maintained her habits of staying alone. Erza was scared of having a friend even when joining a group; she considered herself unfortunate.

10. Hotaru Tomoe

Hotaru Tomoe

This girl is a human manifestation of Sailor Saturn after she was reincarnated. Sailor Saturn was not considered a member or part of the kingdom of the Moon. Her capabilities, skills and talent made other Sailors to wish for her death at an earlier stage.

Hotaru lost her mom during a violent disturbance in the atmosphere, causing a fire that killed her mom. This left Hotaru exposed to death in a very dangerous situation. She suffered from a sudden uncontrollable electrical activity in the brain because of the spirit she possesses.

To increase her distress and discomfort, she is subjected to and experiencing serious sickness. The sickness sometimes leaves her gasping for breath, suffering from pain and weak. She is intimidated and exposed to physical harm by her colleagues, and the other two sailors also want to kill her.

Her powers and skills can bring the final end and destruction to the world, leaving her with no one around her. Hotaru is a strange loner subjected to isolation, making her unhappy and sorrowful.

9. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden

She is a girl who got involved and associated with an armed force or group. She lost her limbs after losing the only person who was generous and considerate to her during the war.

They actually did win the war, but she was now physically limited in her movements because she was now in a wheelchair. It was disturbing the way she had to adjust to living a life where you don’t put effort into getting something. It is so touching the way she deals with how she feels, painting a dark and dull tone.

8. Hinami Fueguchi

Hinami Fueguchi

She is a tender person who is also pure and naive; she was involved in a serious misunderstanding between the people around her and the evil spirits.

After the ghouls’ attack, she lost her family without giving up. This made her a loner in a world full of anxiety, sorrow and undesirable events. Despite being exposed to harm and danger, she was still tender.

This character shows how love, sympathy and concern for others can be a weapon to conquer a dark and ruthless world. Hinami’s power to withstand and recover from the loss is beyond words when giving a positive feeling to those present.

7. Rei Ayanami

Rei Ayanami

This one did not even need one to take a guess. It was pretty obvious that she was going to be on the list. Her whole life is full of misery as her value speaks for her; she was a mecha operator, clearly showing that she was of little significance.

The worst part of it is that she is not even who she is but a copy of the main character’s mother. Rei’s attitude about her skills and abilities was almost unimportant and was insignificant.

The intense feeling of sadness that lasted for a long time and which strongly affected her behavior and attitudes remains despite her growing up.

6. The Time-Limited Treasure

The Time-Limited Treasure

In the modern technology world of Plastic Memories, there is a cute, amazing, and mysterious robot with a human appearance. The name of this cute robot is Isla; it is known as a Giftia.

Though they are human-like, they expire, meaning they have a limited life span. The expiry date is before the fading of their memories and their characteristics and qualities.

Isla’s love story with Tsukasa was growing daily, though Isla’s expiry date was certain to come, and it was avoidable. There is a theme of short-time love, mortality, and the most precious moments to cherish we have with those we love.

These two love stories show how when true love exists, everything that comes your way will prepare you.

5. Sayaka Miki

Sayaka Miki

It is something sad and painful seeing a cheerful, optimistic, lively and highly spirited girl like Sayaka being tormented. But why all this sudden change? Sayaka has an unhappy personality, let alone a sad anime girl.

She feels hopeless, with no one to help or rescue her from that despair. This girl failed to resist or defeat the great mental distress and comfort, and it is extremely shocking.

4. Sakura Matou

Sakura Matou

She is a girl with a sister named Rin Tohsaka, and she was taken away from her after Sakura was exchanged for money for the Matou family. Sayaka is experiencing the use of force on her to harm her in a manner that no one can understand. She is going through all this just to be made a strong magician.

This can make some go crazy. It is beyond depressing, as she is being disrespected and trained to be something used to inflict damage. Not someone, but something; wow, I’m impressed.

3. Takamiya


She is a high school girl who got a strange note in the series Orange. The quality or characteristic of this series captivates and holds the audience’s attention with a strong and intense emotional or intellectual appeal.

The content of the letter, she was being earnestly told to take care of Kakeru Naruse from an extremely sad situation that might involve death.

By then, Takamiya was facing puberty problems, and it was becoming too much for her to handle, including Kakeru. The way she is exposed to harm and still she’s firm about her responsibility forces her to be unhappy.

Nevertheless, through our main character, we see different themes like power of choice, friendship, love, and loss.

2. Chihiro Shindou

Chihiro Shindou

She’s a girl who is losing memories, facts, information and experiences. Her memory is one of a kind because this amnesia makes her lose her memory after every 13 hours.

With the affection of her weak and infirm situation, she’s continuing strongly and steadily as well as firm in making her dream come true. Chihiro is so passionate about becoming a writer.

Through her love story with a guy named Renji, we discover that love conquers. This is portrayed in the way Renji is ready to do anything possible to help her with a novel.

1. Homura Akemi

Homura Akemi

She is a girl of interconnecting parts or elements, and Homura is an intricate character. Homura is the main character of the show Puella Magi Madoka Magica, one of the most distressing magical powers shows.

This girl lives a life where hope does not exist and it is a sorrowful as well as painful life. All this hits differently every time Madoka Kaname dies, whilst she’s the only person she has. Imagine the feeling of seeing the only person you have dying almost 100 times; well, the impression left her with no hope at all.

She got to the extent of sacrificing the whole world by exposing it to serious and immediate danger in order to keep Madoka from leaving her.

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