Best Anime Girl Characters With Curly Hair Loved by Anime Fandom

Best Anime Girl Characters With Curly Hair Loved by Anime Fandom 

There’s no doubt that curls are one of the best ways to make hair look more beautiful. But anime characters have taken it to a whole new level by wearing them in a unique way. It adds a new charm and elegance to their character.

In Japan, Curly hair is not a common thing, so most of the characters have straight hair, which makes characters with curly hair unique and stand out from others.

There are various types of curls, from untamed to afros, and each and every one of them has its distinctive charm. The world of anime is filled with unruly curves, which show the carefree attitude and passion of their respective characters.

In most of the cases, we see that curly-haired characters are shy, innocent or naive. But their hairstyle has been an inspiration for many girls all over the world, and they are often popular among cosplayers. So, Let’s start with our list of best anime girls with curly hair.

1. Suzuka Dairenji-Tokyo Ravens

Suzuka Dairenji-Tokyo Ravens

In the Tokyo Ravens series, Sakura Dairenji has made many fans’ hearts pop out of their eyes with her beautiful and curly blonde hair.

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She is known as a prodigy because of her remarkable achievements; with her powerful abilities, she has managed to become one of the Twelve Divine Generals and became known as a first-class Onmyouji. However, under this beautiful face lies an angry and vengeful girl with a dark past.

2. Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune

This watery beauty has managed to mesmerize her fans with her wavy hair, which feels like a perfect extension of her. Artist Naoko Takeuchi has designed her character with many intricate details which complement her water element powers. So, watch Sailor Neptune in the Sailor Moon universe.

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3. Emporio Ivankov

Emporio Ivankov

Now, some might not agree with this choice of mine, but after watching her once in One Piece, I wanted you to have a feel for what I went through. So, I placed this curvy blondie on this list.

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She has consumed a devil fruit called Horm-Horm fruit, which allows her to change her gender at will. This ability can be very dangerous if used in the right way.

4. Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit Krueger (Hunter X Hunter)

Many would be fooled by her fragile appearance and think she’s a weak girl, but underneath this girl lies an extremely powerful woman. Biscuit has long and curly blonde hair.

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In the span of the series she has changed her hairstyle three times. So, she likes to keep up with trends. She likes to look young and petite therefore, she mostly wears pink clothes to make her look more youthful.

5. Katen Kyōkotsu

Katen Kyōkotsu

If you have seen Bleach, then you are probably familiar with the Zanpakutō of Captain Shunsui Kyōraku. Katen Kyōkotsu is the spirit of this weapon. She is someone who can take two different forms.

She is shown as a woman with flowing violet hair, which is tied with two crimson ribbons. Her one eye is covered with a black eye patch. She often makes direct remarks towards her wielder, Shunsui Kyōraku. She tells him that his clothes resemble female garments, and they make him prone to injuries.

6. Mai Valentine

Mai Valentine

Mai is an enchanting beauty with long and thick spiky golden hair, fair skin tone and purple eyes. She often uses her beautiful looks to manipulate others and get what she wants.

Mai appears tough from the outside, but deep down, she is hiding her loneliness. A Harpie Lady is her closest companion, and when she meets Yugi and his friends, her character sees an improvement for good. During her travels, she faces many challenges, such as mind-trapping Shadow Game. But she doesn’t leave her path of righteousness.

7. Kamado Nezuko

Kamado Nezuko

At the start of the series, Nezuko is attacked by a demon and turns into one; after that, her brother Tanjiro decides to turn her into a human again, so they start travelling together.

After becoming a demon, Nezuko loses her memories, but she still instinctively protects Tanjiro when he is in danger. Her chocolate brown-coloured long and curly hair, along with her courageous personality, makes her more glamorous.

8. Coffee (Cowboy Bebop)

Coffee (Cowboy Bebop)

With her Voluminous afro Coffee stands apart from other characters in this list. While pursuing Domino Walker, her afro represents her unwavering determination and resolve.

We can see a glimpse of her shrewd resourcefulness when she encounters the watermelon truck and exchanges a melon for future help. She faces many uncertainties during her journey; when Edward and Ein secretly board with her, they also have to face detention from cops.

But, during all this chaos her afro remains a symbol of her pursuit of her dreams and resilience. Cowboy Bebop is filled with such aesthetically pleasing characters.

9. Ravel Phoenix-High School DxD

Ravel Phoenix-High School DxD

Ruval has long blonde hair tied into twin tails, big curls, and blue ribbons. Several bangs are hanging over her forehead, and it’s hard to ignore that V-shaped fringe hanging above her nose. And all of this is further accentuated by her dark blue hair.

When talking about beautiful ladies, it’s hard not to mention High School DxD. Her father is Lord Phenex, and her mother is Lady Phenex. She is Ruval Phenex and Riser Phenex’s younger sister.

Just like the protagonist Issei, She is also studying at Kuoh Academy. She has also inherited powers of Phoenix like her older brothers. She can control powers of fire, wind and immortality. When Riser is defeated, she is given to her mother, and after that, she becomes one of Issei’s servants and second bishop.

10. Miura Yumiko

Miura Yumiko

Miura is very popular in her school due to her charismatic personality. Now, apart from her distinctive charm, what makes her stand out from other beautiful girls in the class is her long and curly blonde hair.

However, her popularity has made her quite imperious. Due to her high self-esteem, she can’t make friends or care for other people. So check out this curly hair beauty, Miura Yumiko, from My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU.

11. Sadi


Sadi made a brief appearance in Impel Down Arc of One Piece. But, despite her short screen time, she has managed to create a strong impression among One Piece fans.

Her Orange coloured curly hair adds a distinctive charm to her personality. Her curvy hair covers her face partially, giving her a mysterious and enchanting look.

There is a mix of wickedness and dominance in her aura, and her vibrant orange hair adds a charm to this, along with her devil-themed clothes. Her vibrant Orange hair makes her more attractive and gives depth to her character.

Furthermore, Her curvy hair has much more potential to them. Trying out different hairstyles with different lengths can improve the texture and volume of her hair, further increasing her beauty.

12. Leone (Akame Ga Kill)

Leone (Akame Ga Kill)

Leone has a mix of calm and upbeat personality, which makes her hyper and calm at the same time. She lacks all the manners to be a prim and proper lady. She has a habit of putting her feet on the table while sitting. However, her beautiful curly hair makes her popular among the fans of Akame Ga Kill.

13. Elizabeth Medford (Black Butler)

Elizabeth Medford (Black Butler)

Black Butler is filled with characters who look graceful and charming, and Elizabeth Medford is one of them. She has curly blonde hair, her face gives off a cute impression, and she has an elegant aura.

Due to her exquisite curls and elegant demeanour, she appears to be a lady from an aristocratic family. When it comes to defending herself, she becomes very deadly. In the anime, she is often referred to as Lizzy.

14. Melty Q Melromarc

Melty Q Melromarc

Melty from Shield Hero is a member of Naofumi’s party. She has helped him to overcome many dangerous situations. When she made her appearance she was trying to act as a princess, but after her true personality was revealed, she became a completely different person.

After her debut in The Shield Hero, she instantly made her way into the most beloved female characters of the series.

15. Brigitte ‘Rosie’ Stark

Brigitte ‘Rosie’ Stark

Brigitte was performing as a bar singer in Europe, but her career as a musician ended when Europe was engulfed in the war. She has not even completed high school, but due to her fearless attitude, she quickly rose her rank to the corporal status of a soldier.

In the beginning, she questions Welkin’s command and has some racial prejudice against Welkin’s adopted sister Isara, who is dark-haired Darcsen, which is an immigrant race in Europe.

But, as the story progresses, her racial prejudices decrease, and she becomes good friends with many people regardless of race. So, watch this curly-haired beauty in action in Valkyria Chronicles.

16. Sarah Dupont

Sarah Dupont

Kaleido Star is a world-class performance venue in America. Sarah Dupont is the lead singer and dorm manager there, and this is the place where their group usually performs their shows. Sarah comes from the UK and has long, wavy hair. She wears a big Cinderella dress while performing.

She may appear calm and composed most of the time, but she is an expert in martial arts who keeps nunchucks underneath her sleeves. This may come Handy in critical situations just like what happened during the start of the first episode.

17. Beatrice


Beatrice from Re: Zero appears to be a young girl around the age of eleven to thirteen. She has a cute and innocent looking face which can melt the hearts of anyone. She has big Sky-blue coloured eyes and her irises are pink, and if you look carefully, you can even see small butterfly patterns inside them.

This makes us think about her connection with the witch of Greed. She looks extremely beautiful in her twin tails of pale cream-blonde hair. They are shaped like a spring, and when you pull them from the bottom, they even bounce like a spring.

18. Saaya Yamabuki

Saaya Yamabuki

How can I not put this drummer from one of the best musical anime, BanG Dream? Saya used to be a drummer for CHiSPA, but one day, her mother suddenly fainted and was taken to hospital.

After this incident, Sara felt responsible and decided to give up on performing to spend more time at home and look after her family.

However, her love for music was still lying underneath, and after repeated nagging from Kusumi and the support of her family, she once again gathered the courage to step up on the stage.

When the Poppin Party band was in a tight spot and about to go on the stage and perform without a drummer, Sara came for them like a beacon of hope. This marks the beginning of her new journey with this band.

19. Angela Carpenter

Angela Carpenter

Angela has short dark hair curled at the end; she has purple eyes with a dark tan, which matches well with her hairstyle. She is a good model and actress, therefore she often wears fashionable and revealing clothes. However, underneath this perfect woman lies a sad and hurt woman with a dark past.

Angela has a short temper and is very arrogant, but she would never do something which would harm those around her. So, watch this cur beauty from the Carole and Tuesday series.

20. Koga Tomoe from Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Koga Tomoe from Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

It was a new beginning for Tomoe as they were moving to Tokyo. She always wanted to fit in and not get bullied, so she wore makeup and stylish clothes. She also decided to go to a salon and get a new hairstyle.

As the story progresses, her Curly hair becomes pivotal in her life. Tomoe has a big butt which sometimes feels bothersome to her. But she is never self-conscious about it.

21. Quetzalcoatl



Quetzalcoatl has a kind and caring personality. She has fair skin and curly hair, a mix of green and turquoise. She renders anyone who sees her mesmerized. She has won the hearts of many fans and is the most adored character in the series.

22. Selnia Lori Flameheart

Selnia Lori Flameheart

Selina has blonde hair, which is curled into a drill shape. She is a very humble and innocent person. However, when she enters Kakureiryo Academy, she is constantly bullied because of her hair, and they call her Drill head.

She toughens up from the outside to deal with the bullies, but she remains kind and humble from the inside. So watch this curly-haired blonde Selnia Lori Flameheart as she deals with her bullies in Ladies Versus Butlers.

23. Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido, also known as ‘Pinky’, captivates everyone with her zealous personality and unique appearance. Her pink and messy hair resembles her high-spirited nature. In addition to her pink hair, her whole skin is also pink, and she has 2 slightly curved horns on her head, which gives her a very distinctive look.

In My Hero Academia, where the world is filled with heroes and villains, some people develop a quirk(special ability) at a young age. Our pinky girl aspires to become a hero.

Her quirk is Acid, which gives her the ability to release acidic substances from her skin. This might be the reason why her skin is pink. Mina’s messy hair resembles her cheerful personality and adds charm to her presence.

24. Queen Otohime

Queen Otohime

Queen Otohime made a brief appearance during the Wano Arc and One Piece. Her golden blonde hair is styled into two loops held by an orange headpiece. She is the mother of Shirahoshi, and she has similar blue eyes and thick eyelashes.

She wears a long white Kimono with a carp scale design. There is a serene and graceful aura surrounding her. She is someone who wishes to unite species and create a harmonious future.

25. Francois


In the latest season of Dr. Stone a fascinating character is introduced, named Francois. She is an exceptionally skilled butler of Ryusui Nanami who belonged to a wealthy family before petrification.

She quickly captured everyone’s heart with her exceptional culinary skills. Her delightful meals rich in looks and flavour give everyone hope in the stone world. She can make any modern dish you can imagine in the stone world.

She is a perfectionist in everything that she does, and it is even reflected in her appearance as she has curly hair, which is meticulously arranged. Francois excels in not only cooking but also in everyday tasks.

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