Best Baseball Manga With Most Interesting Plot

Best Baseball Manga With Most Interesting Plot

Humans have developed numerous sports to stay physically fit and active in their lives. They have developed a liking for specific sports for their hobbies and convenience.

There are multiple sports chosen to sieve out outstanding talent. From all these sports, today we will take a swing and talk about top baseball manga, which has very interesting plots.

The baseball game has a huge number of fans around the world. The game of baseball is highly popular in Japan. Both athletes and the general public of Japan play it.

Some top players qualify to play in tournaments and major baseball leagues. If a touch of dramatic twist was added to the exciting baseball game, it would make a great baseball anime manga for manga readers. Henceforth, we bring you baseball-inspired anime manga lists highly appreciated in Japan and by many international manga fans.

This list is devoted to baseball manga, and each title is surely a home run for the readers.

1. Mr. Fullswing

Mr. Fullswing

The first baseball dude on the list is “Mr. Fullswing.”This Manga is a well-prepared recipe for baseball fans.

Mr. Fullswing anime is the story of Saruno, who feels the frustration of not having a girlfriend like other boys in his school. He feels that he is falling behind others.

Desperate to find a girlfriend, Saruno falls into random embarrassing situations. You may see him peeking into female washrooms. But let me ask you, is the task of getting a girlfriend very easy? It depends on the girl a boy is pursuing. Since Saruno doesn’t have a girlfriend, he decides to attract one by joining a baseball sports club.

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This wasn’t any random decision; it was a well-thought-out plan because a female manager runs this baseball club. Her name is Nagi. Saruno wants to win over Nagi’s heart through his whimsical ways.

But he faces a problem: Saruno doesn’t have any idea about how the game of baseball is played. Joining the baseball club is the only way to get anywhere near manager Nagi. To win her heart, he must remain in close quarters with her.

But in a real sense, he doesn’t have to be a good baseball player to hit a home run in Nagi’s heart. Will Saruno be able to hit a home run, or will he just strike out of heart? Feed your curiosity by giving this Manga your share of time and enjoy it till the end.

2. One Outs by Shinobu Kaitani

One Outs by Shinobu Kaitani

Second on our list of baseball manga is “One Out by Shinobu Kaitani.” It is the story of Toua Tokuchi, who is more of a gambler and less of a baseball player. In simpler terms, he gambles in a baseball game with a battle duel between pitchers and batters. These battles have massive payouts.

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But in gambling, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Saitama Lycaons faces the same trouble; he excitedly gambles a sum of five million yen and loses fifty million yen. What a hard pill to swallow. If you are in for some psychological twist, this show is just for you.

3. Diamond no Kouzai

Diamond no Kouzai

Ayasegawa Jiro is a professional baseball athlete. But he isn’t much welcomed by the other players. The reason is that he is the one who causes other players to lose their baseball player dreams.

This is why he lives the life of a loner. Baseball is Jiro’s life; he loves playing baseball with his teammates. But being the reason for losing the game, he became an outcast from his team.

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This is the time when he stumbles upon “Bambies.” The “Bambies” are a team of baseball players who fall at the bottom regarding their competitive spirit. This baseball anime drama has much to offer, and it even explores Jiro’s relationship with a genius baseball player and his teammates.

4. Aozora Yell

Aozora Yell

When romance occurs amid a competitive battle, that’s the recipe for an exciting feeling, right? The Aozora Yell anime gives a perfect dose of competitive thrill along with evolving romantic scenes.

The anime follows the story of a young female, Tsubasa, who loves watching baseball championship matches. Following her love for baseball matches, she gets inspired to watch a band perform in the high school baseball championship finals.

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The anime builds a romantic storyline using the baseball championship as its base. You can also watch this anime by searching for its alternative title, ‘Yell for the Blue Sky.’ Some sweet touch of melodious music is also added to the anime to enhance its emotional effect. What more can a baseball fan ask for if not this?…

5. Last Inning

Last Inning

The next baseball anime on the list is “Last Inning.” Ryuu Kamio authors it.

The lives of athletes are hard as they are; on top of that, a former Saitama high school baseball athlete, Keisuke Hatogaya, goes to prison for being a deceitful salesman. Being an athlete, he loses his credibility as a player and is barred from his team.

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But bad times do not continue for too long for Keisuke as the principal of his school finds him an opportunity to coach an underperforming team. He has to train the underperforming baseball team and lead them to enter Koshien in one year.

To get bailed in exchange for training a baseball team would be a positive way to move ahead after facing tough times. Do you agree, readers?

6. Mound Wiui Jeoldaeja

Mound Wiui Jeoldaeja

Dreams aren’t achievable for everyone; sometimes life drops too many problems in your lap, and dropping the dream is the only remaining option. Protagonist Lee from the ‘Mound Wiui Jeoldaeja’ anime faces a similar situation.

His body is built weak; he also has financial difficulties. On top of that, he was injured multiple times. All these negative factors made him give up on his journey of becoming a baseball player. He now works as a factory employee, sad, isn’t he? I can’t help but sympathize with him.

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But wait up! What if a supernatural spirit decides to help Lee out?

Now, this is what I call an interesting twist! Having a new ray of hope is all Lee Jinyong needs. His situation calls for some help, too. This help is provided to him by a former pro baseball player, Kim Jinho’s spirit. He was a legendary baseball player who passed away ten years ago.

Kim’s spirit blessed Lee with a new ability, placing him as a pitcher in the baseball game. It is the same as the game avatar. I felt delighted because seeing a fallen baseball player back in the game would be amazing!

7. Rookies


Manga was popular even before live-action movies came into the picture. Rookies manga anime series, too, have their share of popularity. It displays the story of a school teacher, Koichi, who recently got appointed as a high school teacher to train many delinquent baseball players.

It won’t be too easy to manage these troublemakers. These boys were suspended for a year for being involved in a brawl in an official match.

When Koichi tries to give his advice to the other team members, they, too, are just as stubborn at taking his advice as the other delinquent players.

But Koichi has another trick up his sleeve. He attracts the player’s athletes by mentioning a dream of the upper-tier baseball league.

“Koshien”. Now, these handful of troublemakers feel inspired, start listening to Koichi, and make themselves ready for even bigger challenges.

8. Cross Game

Cross Game

When a common interest brings two people close, it’s like hitting two targets with a single arrow. Something similar happens between ‘kou Kitamura’ and ‘ Aoba Tsukishima, ‘who are brought together by their common interest in baseball.

Aoba and Kou used to know each other but were separated in the past, following different life paths. In the past, Aoba’s elder sister (Wakaba) used to be Kou’s love interest, but tragically, she died young.

Growing up, Aoba became very good at pitching, while Kou became a strong batter. They both came together to fulfill Wakaba’s baseball dream of watching Aoba and Kou play in the baseball championship together.

They both pass through various trials and tribulations to understand the importance of teamwork, love, and friendship. All these factors are important for facing all the adversities.

‘Cross Game’ manga is not a random read; it’s a story of tragedy and triumph. It’s the story of Kou’s dedication and love for baseball and how he overcame and healed his past. He improved himself a lot over many years. Aoba did the same.

Every chapter of this Manga has an intensity filled with emotional breakouts, overcoming tragedy, and unending dedication. Kou keeps moving forward to achieve his dream of becoming the best baseball player.

9. Baseball Heaven

Baseball Heaven

If you’d like to read a power-packed baseball manga, ” Baseball Heaven.” The Tokyo Elephants baseball team takes center stage. Uno is the most loved rookie pitcher on the team.

There is a strange silence between the protagonists of this show ‘Ogata’ and Uno. Ogata has different sexual preferences, due to which he likes to keep distance between him and Uno.

But some things can’t be measured just from outer situations. Little buds of love could develop between the boy’s hearts. This wonderful Manga is filled with a slice of life and precisely resonates with our baseball manga article title; hence, it got the spot on our list.

10. Tribe Nine

Tribe Nine

The manga “Tribe Nine” plot is based in the Neo Tokyo era, where the young players participate in a competitive game known by the title of

“Extreme Baseball”. These youth players from tribes to battle. But a mysterious player starts taking over all the digital baseball tribes, gaining control over them.

It becomes necessary to stop this mystery player from taking over all the tribes. Trying to fight against this mystery player, Haru Shirogane and Taiga meet Shun Kamiya, one of the strongest XB baseball players.

They all form a Minato Tribe group to stop the mystery player’s accusation of player tribes. Will the Minato Tribe be able to stop him before things get out of hand?

11. Gurazeni


The manga “Gurazeni” tells the story of a highly ambitious pitcher who earns a lot of money. His name is ” Natsunosuke Bonda”.

Natsunosuke Bonda is a very passionate baseball athlete. With every pitch he throws, he gets another million yen deposited in his bank account. But what I like about Bonda is how he doesn’t let his skills blend despite being a ripe-age baseball player.

He constantly sharpens his skills and pushes his limits. It makes me think he may be doing it for the money, but he still puts his best foot forward in the game. If he does earn good money from it, I’d say it’s worth it!

He not only wants to earn money; he wants to shine as a player, too. He might as well be named in history books, also. What I find fascinating is how he made 18 million won even at the ripe age of 26 years, and he is still not impressed about it! It screams passion in my ears!

His passion energized me enough to walk to the baseball grounds myself, which I hadn’t done for quite a while. Hence, Gurazeni manga deserves to be on our list of baseball manga.

12. Major by Takuya Mitsuda

Major by Takuya Mitsuda

This one is a Japanese-language baseball manga. The Manga is written on the life of an imaginary character named “Gourou Honda.” Gourou has strived to become one of the best baseball players since his kindergarten era.

What I like about this Manga is how this Manga is not developed on a false reality plot. It gives a glimpse of every pitfall every beginner baseball player may stumble upon.

Its realistic representation won my heart because this Manga is for every baseball beginner. The only negative point I could find about this Manga is that it is not published in English. Hence, every baseball manga lover who doesn’t know Japanese will miss this gem.

13. Subarashii kisetsu ni Yasashii Kimi to

Subarashii Kisetsu ni Yasashii Kimi to

The plot of the manga “Subarashii kisetsu ni Yasashii Kimi to” may not sound like a typical baseball manga, but I assure you it does fall into the category.

The Manga highlights an uncommon bond between a nerd, Enoki, and a sporty baseball player, Shiraraki. Enoki looks like every nerd, styled with complete round specks and social awkwardness; he is short in height and has a slim-looking body.

Guess what? he plays video games top. On the other side, his guy friend is a buffed-up baseball player who is tall and sporty. Looking at these guys together definitely strikes up my curiosity, and I wanted to know more about how they both bonded.

Did this Manga serve the purpose of being baseball-centric? It’s a definite yes! If you, too, are curious about this uncommon friendship, my advice would be – just go for it!

14. H2


An injured player who has to forcefully leave his favorite sport, “baseball.” Alas! What a tragic start! But don’t worry manga lovers; this one won’t take you on a depressive trip.

It is the story of a baseball player named Hiro Kunimi. He gets injured while playing a baseball game. He just wants to avoid the baseball game because it still pinches his heart that he can’t play it. This is why he joins a soccer club and avoids the school, which has no connection with the baseball team.

But destiny has different plans for Hiro; when he hears the soccer players insult the baseball game over a bet, Hiro returns to the game. But will returning to the game change everything for Hiro? Stay updated with the Manga to know more…

16. Touch


What kind of Baseball manga title is that? This was my first reaction as I explored the “Touch” Manga.

The story of this Manga revolves around three characters named Asakura Minami, Tatsuya, and his younger twin brother Uesugi Kazuya.

The boys may be twins, but this doesn’t mean they have similar personalities. While Kazuya is the most loved and talented ace pitcher in the town, Tatsuya has a laid-back and lazy personality. This is why Kazuya takes the spotlight away from him, even though Kazuya is a more talented player than Tatsuya.

Minami used to be Kazuya’s childhood girlfriend, but they are no longer together because of being separated due to life events. But later, when all three unite, Tatsuya realizes that he can sacrifice everything for his younger twin, Kazuya, but he cannot sacrifice Minami.

This is where the story takes a twisting turn, and Tatsuya starts to improve his lazy side to have Minami by his side. They both want to fulfill Minami’s lifelong wish.

18. Bad Boys Boogie/ Bucchgiri

Bad Boys Boogie_ Bucchgiri

This Manga is the story of a bad boy who turns into a master baseball player. Most of the time, in real life, I think it is hard to see change in people. This is why I felt compelled to learn more about a biker delinquent who became a pro baseball player.

The main character of this story is Protagonist Takahara. He used to be a biker guy and was forced to join a baseball club. Facing the results of his wrongdoings and other problems of playing the sport, how did Takahara establish himself as a pro baseball player? This Manga is a beautiful journey of realization of self-worth.

It’s also about life teaching Takahara about knowing how his life is worth more than just being a rebel protagonist. What I liked about this Manga is its relevance to life.


There you have it! Sports manga can be truly exciting for the viewers because of the unpredictability of the sport. You can cherish the baseball manga list and be ready to cheer your favorite baseball players on. I’m sure you will enjoy them all. If you liked our list, circulate it with other baseball manga lovers.

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