Best Anime Elf Characters (Picked by Anime Lovers in 2024)

Best Anime Elf Characters (Picked by Anime Lovers in 2024)

There’s no shortage of weird and special characters in the world of anime. I often search for different things, but I’m not as weird as one of my friends whom I found searching for the best elf sex scenes in anime this morning.

Well, it brought me an idea about narrating something that will definitely entice you. Don’t worry; I’m not going to get perverted – I’m going to pick just the best and most adorable anime elf characters of 2024.

I conversed with a few fellow anime lovers, and 17 of us have formed a list together this evening. So, let me show you how elves are different from other characters in anime. A few of them love peace and harmony, while a few of them have strong spirits.

Similarly, few are delicate, and a few are charming. Let’s see what this list has got for us.

1. Emilia From Re: Zero

Emilia From Re_Zero

Amelia is a very talented character, the supposed daughter of Envy Witch. This fellow is popular for many reasons. She is a very helpful character and does her best to help others.

She is born sweet and a highly trusted elf. Beneath lies a very strong and courageous spirit. This calm and soft-spoken fellow has a very mesmerizing voice, but she doesn’t hesitate to raise her tone when needed.

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Her eyes-based magic power gives her many abilities, and you’ll be amazed to know she can even talk with spirits. She has sheer determination to do good in life and can sacrifice when needed. She has all the abilities to become the queen of one’s heart.

2. Riannon (Aquaplus)

Riannon (Aquaplus)

Riannon, the super interesting elf, has got a really huge fan base. She is the central character of the anime novel series “Tears to Tiara.” She is a half-elf and Gael clan leader. Besides having tremendous magical abilities, she has a different level of beauty and grace, which has found a place in fans’ hearts worldwide.

In the story, Riannon is kidnapped by the demon king Ervon, and she awakens after a thousand years of slumber. After being rescued, she pledges that she will stay 100% loyal to Ervon and plays a huge role in establishing a unified kingdom.

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She doesn’t use her power for wrong means throughout the anime in any part you say. She is a very skilled strategist and knows where to use which power and how much.

This loyal fellow has developed a highly compassionate nature. She supports her side in battles and doesn’t care even if she dies during the process. As she is a half-elf, she wants to play a role in bridging the gap between elf and human heritage.

She wants to be a part of both cultures. Her wisdom is appreciable, and so is her personality.

3. Juana


When you imagine an elf, you think of a short-heeled, tall, adorable creature. But when you look upon Joanna, you might feel like she doesn’t deserve any place on this list. She is a truly memorable elf.

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Her blue hair and gigantic plates make her look more unique than other elves, undoubtedly. She seems so powerful that she can destroy a mecha unit by herself. She is actually the queen of Tres España.

She is a very understanding character and does justice to those who she feels are good and devoted to the goodness of the world. However, she has a short-tempered side and doesn’t tolerate anything mischievous around her.

4. Puck


Buck belongs to the Pisky race, and this blue-haired little creature is actually an elf only. Yes, you might feel like it is a hummingbird or so, but no, it’s actually the smallest elf in anime history. This bear-negged fellow has come from Elfhelm in Skellig.

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This little fellow is on the guts’ side, and being gut in the Berserk anime is actually a bad thing. However, Puck is not bad from the inside. If you are a Berzerk watcher, then I do feel you need some comedy and light-hearted moments, and the responsibility is taken by Puck.

5. Ryuu Lion – Danmachi

Ryuu Lion – Danmachi

Ryuu Lion is a very interesting character, and she has taken a lot of spotlight in the anime Danmachi even after the presence of so many strong and interesting characters in this anime. She is a waitress at a pub and a highly motivated adventurer.

She is Astraea, which changed her character. She got more silent after that. She left active adventuring and became more focused. Later on, you find her accompanying Bell, who is a member of the same group.

She accompanies them on various missions because she wants to protect him. She has got some love for him in her heart. Ryuu plays the role of the guardian of a sacred tree and knows swordsmanship and archery really well.

We cannot forget about the magical abilities she has. For example, you can see her passing the offensive spell named Luminous Wind that can attack her enemies and destroy them in no time. Yes, she is little, but she is powerful and wise at the very same time.

6. High Elf Archer (Goblin Slayer)

High Elf Archer (Goblin Slayer)

If you have loved Goblin Slayer, the very famous Dark Fantasy anime series, then I am very sure that you wouldn’t have been able to resist appreciating the High Elf Archer. These skills are developed at such a level that it’s almost impossible to beat her.

She, even after being such a beautiful and skilled fighter, has no attitude whatsoever. She doesn’t tolerate stupidity and is highly dedicated to her responsibilities. She doesn’t want goblins to bring any threat to the world, and hence, she becomes a goblin Slayer.

Earlier, she used to be very soft on the inside, but as she goes through the harsh reality of those missions, she becomes determined to learn skills to ensure unbreakable protection for innocent lives. This compassionate individual showcases her evolution from a normal soft elf to a highly admirable fighter, and she also shares very strong bonds with her comrades.

7. Kokkoro Natsume – Princess Connect Re: Dive

Kokkoro Natsume – Princess Connect Re_ Dive

Princess Connect Redive is an amazing and highly interesting anime series – a great choice for fantasy lovers. In such an anime, creating a self-presence is a tough task, especially for a young elf-like Kokoro Natsume.

This elf is the guide of Yuki, the protagonist. He is too good at fighting monsters. Even in the toughest times, you don’t find him frustrated. And that’s the reason I call him a perfect companion to Yuki.

Yuki and Kokoro want to earn some money, and on the journey, they meet a couple of new friends, Karel and Pekorin. Together, they form a strong guild and set themselves on a road full of adventures. The anime itself is very interesting, and Kokoro Natsume’s role is something that adds extra stars to this anime.

8. Marielle – Log Horizon

Marielle - Log Horizon

When I talk about any elf with the most vibrant personality, I truly cannot skip Marielle. Her leadership skills are truly amazing. She is unwontedly trapped in a mysterious game world, but this doesn’t end the optimism in her.

She is fully determined to find a way to get out of that game world and restore her normal life in the real world. She is highly dedicated to her buddies and always prays for their goodwill. She is very good by heart, and the softer side is equally appreciable to the adventurer side.

It won’t be too much to say that Log Horizon anime is incomplete without Mary Alley.

9. Fardania (Isekai Shokudo)

Fardania (Isekai Shokudo)

Isekai Shokudo is a very famous light-hearted anime series full of twists and turns. Fardania is among the most interesting characters in this anime. In this anime, a Western-style restaurant that serves its customers from alternative worlds is shown.

This restaurant has a lot of delicious cuisines, and Ferdania becomes a day-to-day customer because she is highly addicted to the taste. She has a great love for food and is a very eager character.

She is highly curious about the various culinary offerings at this restaurant. Earlier on, she used to be shy, but after frequently visiting this restaurant and coming in contact with customers from various alternate worlds, she became more open and friendly.

This adds extra vibrance to her character. She also desires to replicate a few of her most loved dishes.

10. Sylphiette From Mushoku Tensei+

Sylphiette From Mushoku Tensei

Well, there is a lot to describe Sylphiette. She is a slight human with magical powers. She is also a monster. I don’t remember any other anime character with orange eyes and green hair. Due to her fears, many times, people feel as if she is evil, but that’s not correct.

She is a gentle young lady with a very nice character. She is a best friend to a 34-year-old man, Rudeus Greyrat, who is a jobless and struggling guy. After getting hit by a truck, he wakes up in some strange dreamland where he meets Sylphiette.

This chemistry and friendship are remarkable, and whenever you see Sylphiette on the screen, you feel the power of her presence.

11. Yousei Yunde (Goblin Slayer)

Yousei Yunde (Goblin Slayer)

Hey, have you heard about a 2000-year-old super angry yet adorable elf? Well, she’s going to catch you on small things and get angry at you every now and then. So you can imagine the consequences of irritating her.

Also, when she is normally that aggressive character, you can imagine what she could turn out to be when she consumes alcohol. Everybody around her is always pissed off. She can be compared to a TNT field ready to blast when she drinks.

But there’s much more to explain beyond that. She is an adventure lover. Now, talking about her softer side, she remains positive and silent when she is around good guys. But innocence is surely on the lesser side of her.

12. Celecia – Rune Soldier

Celecia – Rune Soldier

If you like any plot set in natural beauty, such as a forest, then Rune Soldier is a great anime for you, and at the very same time, if you love weird creatures and their special way of living life, then you will be a fan of Celacia for sure.

She is a highly adventurous elf ready to help, and anyone can trust her easily. She meets Louis and his adventuring gang in the forest. Louis is the pupil of the major society, a pretty irritating and foolish sort of dude.

She later forms a strong team with three women who together explore the depths of nature and fight against monsters. It is very interesting to watch how they uncover the evil plot and defeat their opponents.

The role of Celacia is truly mesmerizing.

13. Victoria Samanark – Restaurant To Another World

Victoria Samanark - Restaurant To Another World

Victoria Samanark is a very attractive elf, no matter if you talk about her appearance or her character. Her beautiful silver hair and pointed ears give her a different level of cuteness. She is a true nature lover, and many times, you see her wearing a green dress which he wears to show her love for planet Earth.

She is 40 years old, but it’s extremely tough to figure out her age. She is also a frequent visitor of the restaurant to another world. I have shared about one more elf in the same anime in the list up there.

14. Tiffania Westwood (The Familiar Of Zero)

Tiffania Westwood (The Familiar Of Zero)

Now, this redhead is super interesting. Tiffania Westwood is a half-elf who has spent her childhood with a very disciplined and supportive human family.

They found her in a forest. From her family, she has absorbed a lot of good qualities. She maintains calmness even if she is in highly troubled situations.

Technically, you can’t call her an elf, but considering her features, I put her on this list. She has pointy ears and is very sharp at using her magic skills. This character is very positive and charming.

15. Aura Shurifon From Tenchi Muyo

Aura Shurifon From Tenchi Muyo

In Tenchi Muyo, Aura is a dark elf girl and a watchman! Her character evolution is greatly influenced by the time frame.

In the morning, she’s sugar and spice; however, in no time at all, by evening, she is more incisive.

Now, 15-year-old Kenshi Masaki will be kidnapped and transferred to another world. If he assists his kidnappers in murdering the new sovereign, then they will permit him back home.

She doesn’t want him to work out, and in the end, she hires him. She teaches him to control a robot called Sacred Mechanoid and sends him to an institute where he can perfect his mastery.

However, Kenshi discovers an evil plan in the institution that could cause a great battle.

16. Mare Bello Fiore

Mare Bello Fiore

Yes, you’re reading this right:

Bukubukuchagama’s apparent gender-bending was obviously a key factor in choosing Mare over his twin sister, Aura Bella Fiora.

This is a small and cute dark elf with heterochromatic eyes and rather elongated ears – an image resembling timidity and anxiety.

But although Mare Bello Fiore prefers to lounge in his books instead of attending parties, he’s a good sixth-story Guardian along with Lily.

Finally, his character design is my personal favorite, from his golden bangs and green cloak to his white skirt and gloves. Mare Bello has got a lot to entice and entertain you.

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