Best Dancing Anime to Learn & Enjoy Dancing with Interesting Plot

Best Dancing Anime to Learn & Enjoy Dancing with Interesting Plot

There is a quote that translates and says that imagination can help you reach the places where even sunlight can’t reach. This quote follows through when it comes to anime.

Anime stories are purely fictional and yet, with their creative impact, have a tight hold over their fair share of the audience. Anime has a vast share of genres and subgenres, so every anime watcher can choose from the wide ocean of anime and find their favorite genre to binge, enjoy and watch.

Are you bored of watching some real dancers performing similar dance scenes? If so you can rest as we have found some of the best dancing anime to learn and enjoy that with some interesting plot twists.

Dance anime is a subgenre of sports anime. Combining sports’ excitement with dance’s elegance, the two intense activities take the form of dance animes. Below is a list of great dance anime you can watch to receive dancing treats for your eyeballs.

20. Brave Beats

Brave Beats

Prepare yourself to experience a heartwarming dance anime, one that shows a beautiful friendship between a sixth grader named Hibiki Kazaguruma and Breakin, the dancing robot. Banished from the world of dance after failing in a dancing challenge, Berkin faces his fears as he gets back to fight back for his place in the magical dance stones.

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The story takes a twist as a human girl, and a robot dancer fuse themselves and are ready to take over the dancing world. This anime is mostly suited to teenage dance lovers. For its enjoyable plot, brave Beats can still be enjoyed by different age groups.

19. La Corda D’Oro

La Corda D’Oro

A dance anime in a high school setting, where students are set to specialize and establish themselves as pro dancers, La Corda D’oro is another dance anime. The anime starts with a girl, Kohoko Hino, who hasn’t received any kind of dance training.

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Kohoko still participates in the dance competition to compete against the well-trained students from the high school. Despite being an untrained dancer, her enchanting performance can ignite the love for dance even in her audience’s heart.

18. Tribe Cool Crew

Tribe Cool Crew

Street has many audiences, and street dancers have many opponent dancers to fight dance battles to reach the top. The rules keep changing, and with multiple styles to compete from, street dancers face many hurdles to reach their ultimate title of street pro dancer.

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Haneru Tobiatsu has set his goal to become the ultimate street dancer, become the best of the best, and make a name for himself in the world of dance.

While pursuing his dance dream, he finds out that his dancing idol is a shy girl named Kanon Otosaki; he then tries to form a team of dancers along with her to reach his way to the top dancer title winner.

17. The Idolmaster

The Idolmaster

If you are a K-pop lover, you must already know how tough idol life can be, especially for idol girl groups. A similar situation is shown in the anime Idol Master, where a group of 13 girls from 765 Production House, passionate about dancing, singing and performing live, struggle to get through their day-to-day idol life.

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In idol life’s demanding and competitive atmosphere, they face tough times in establishing a good balance between their personal and private lives.

16. Pretty Rhythm 

Pretty Rhythm

Pretty Rhythm is an anime about a lucky girl named Aira Harune who gets teleported into a new world of prism shows. All idols of the prism show perform prism skating and are called “Prism Stars”. The idol’s clothes are designed to have prism stones to attract the audience’s attention.

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With so many competitors with different goals in their minds and separate journeys, who will achieve and who will lose? Watch the Pretty Rhythm show to get to know the show’s winner!

15. AKB0048 


AKB0048 is considered one of the best dancing anime shows, which happened in the time period of the 21st Century. It was when the war broke out, due to which nature suffered ecological disturbances.

This was the time when humans decided to leave the planet and move to another planet where after 48 years, an Idol group returns to perform in front of many dance lovers on the new planet.

14. Wake Up, Girls!

Wake Up, Girls!

Based on the plot regarding the competitive atmosphere, a girl group made their idol group and named it Wake Up, Girls! However, their group is not very popular among the people; to add to their problems, their agency is also about to go bankrupt!

Now, it’s all upon these idol girls to take the lead and work their way up to reach high popularity based on their talent and survival skills. Will they be able to do it? To unravel the story, you have to watch the show!

13. Princess Tutu

Princess Tutu

Princess Tutu is an anime show where a duck gets turned into a beautiful ballerina through a magical pendant that she wears. The duck you wear this pendent goes by the name Ahiru.

After becoming a human, she tries to resurrect Prince Seigfried’s heart so that she can defeat the evil Raven and her daughter Rue. Princess Tutu’s dancing scenes in the anime are a visual treat to our eyes, this makes the anime series stand out from other 2000’s anime.

12. Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches

Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches

Have you ever come across an anime where two anime characters can do body swipes, and how would the story be? Get ready to watch Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches anime, where Ryu starts schooling to make maximum use of his time, but at the start of his second year of school, he finds himself baffled by the school’s boring tasks.

One day, he accidentally gets thrown down the stairs along with a beautiful girl named Urara Shiraishi, whom he accidentally kisses. Now, both of them have the ability to swipe bodies. From here on, a beautiful story unravels.

11. Zombieland Saga

Zombieland Saga

A supernatural comedy anime where a girl named Sakura Minamoto gets reincarnated as a zombie. Her story follows the path of re-resurrecting into the previous world she came from. She aspires to create a dream girl idol group, impress the audience with their dancing skills, and be praised.

Zombieland saga is the story of Sakura Minamoto’s turning from a zombie into a beautiful dancer.

10. HaNaYaMaTa


An anime that revolves around the storyline of passionate dancers who aim to dedicate themselves to the skill of dance. A 14-year-old girl who used to dream about fairytales and happy endings meets a transfer student, Hana and realizes her passion for dance.

She learns that she has a knack for the Yosakoi dance form, which Hana performs. She later decides to join the same dance group of Yosakoi dancers and attains immense joy by delivering beautiful performances in the anime HaNaYaMaTa.

9. Love Live! School Idol Project

Love Live! School Idol Project

Love Live! The Idol School Project is an anime about 13 professional idols trained via 765 to reach the top dance idol position. But to reach the top position, they must beat the other idol competitors from their rival agency, 961 production company. The anime uncovers the struggles of female idols as they try to race up to reach the top-performing idol spots in the competition.

8. Aikatsu Stars!

Aikatsu Stars!

The anime Aikatsu Stars goes with the storyline where a female character, Yume Nijino, is one step closer to making a way to an elite team of dancers in S4. S4 is one of the most famous girl idol groups from Four Stars Academy.

While pursuing her dream, Yume Nijino notices that climbing the top is difficult. She breaks down into tears as she faints at the beginning of her performance, and now she has to struggle even more to redefine her image in front of the audience, who see her as less promising.

7. PriPara


An anime series based on the arcade game of arcade, Pripara is a Japanese anime where a girl named Laala Manaka strives to become a Prism star performer. Pripara is a virtual world used for performing dance in a virtual format.

This anime aired on the japanese tv stations from the year 2014 to 2021. The anime became popular among a large audience group for its colorful animation, ear-pleasing music, and funny plotline. This anime targets young girls.

6. Dances With Devils 

Dances With Devils

Dance with the Devils is an anime show where a girl, Ritsuka Tachibana, suddenly gets pulled into the world of dangerous demons. Ritsuka is now forced to live amongst these dangerous demons and track down magical texts before they fall into the wrong hands.

The anime shows how Ritsuka saves herself from the dangerous world of demons and devils while unveiling the truth about her past.



The anime is not limited to dancing alone but also shows the backhanded struggles that idols go through to reach a place that can be taken away from them anytime by many others waiting to replace them in the cutthroat idol market.

In this time of struggle, Takanashi holds the hands of all 7 boys and supports them in reaching top idol positions as their trainer and manager.

4. IDOLisH7


As soon as Tsumugi Takanashi joins her father’s Idol production company, she is designated a manager to the 7 idol boys of the company. The same day, she was ordered to cut down the number of boys from 7 to 4. The reason behind it was to make the group appear similar to the popular group of idol stars, which was also a 4 idol group.

But as Tsumugi watches all 7 idol boys perform, she stands firm on her decision against cutting members from this group of 7 boys. The story now takes a beautiful turn as all the 7 idol boys strive together to realize their dream of reaching the top.

3. Starmyu


This anime is about a group of students who perform for the school’s music club to embark on their journey to become top-class musicians. The anime shows their struggles and gradual progress as they are shown to overcome all the challenges they face in the competitive music industry.

The music and dance world is full of competitive spirit, and the only way to be at the top is by having powerful vocals and great dancing skills. These skills can only be achieved through rigorous practice, precision, and talent.

2. Welcome To the Ballroom

Welcome To the Ballroom

“Welcome to the Ballroom” is an anime that shows the competitive nature of the ballroom dance form. It’s the story of a boy named Tatara Fujita, a newcomer to the field of dancing.

Although he just dreamt of becoming a skilled ballroom dancer, he was later discovered by a man Kaname Sengoku, who explained to Fujita that he belongs to the limelight world instead of dancing. Fujita is now required to choose which way to choose.

1. Yurii !!! On Ice

Yurii !!! On Ice

Yuri!! On the ice is one of the most popular sports anime. It is the story of Yuri Katsuki, a fallen Ice skater; after he faced an embarrassing public defeat, his whole spirit broke down. But his destiny soon takes a new turn as his skating video goes viral and leads more than Victor Nikiforov, a well-known figure skater.

Yuri is then called by the world-renowned figure skater from where his new figure skater journey begins. On the other hand, Victor faces career burnout and wants to give back to the world as another pro figure skater to keep his legacy going.

They both didn’t know that they would develop a romantic angle, and both decided to go figure skating participation together.


You can now decide where to start watching as you have a list of cool dance anime. It’s up to you to decide whether to watch the whole series or the cherished glimpses we mentioned in our informative section.

Make sure to tell us all your thoughts regarding dance anime so that next time, we come back more prepared with our new dance anime list for the dance anime audience.

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