The Most Sad Anime Girls That Will Tear You Up

The Most Sad Anime Girls That Will Tear You Up

The anime world has different genres; let me take you through the sorrowful and unhappy genre. Anime involves revealing or involving a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture.

As much as we enjoy anime shows, some make us emotional and sometimes cry. If you have never cried while watching anime, trust me, you have not seen many of these anime characters listed here. Some lived in pain for good, but some also got happy endings.

I have brought you a list of girls that will make you cry. These girls are sorrowful and more than unhappy, but still, they have to live. Don’t forget to let me know your most sorrowful anime girl in the comment section below. Now, let’s venture in the list I have come up with:

1. Kagome (Inuyasha)

Kagome (Inuyasha)

She lost her father in a traffic accident when she was four. Being the firstborn child, she had to bear the struggles and challenges of life by helping out her mom. Not concerned about her problems, she would be helpful and useful to those she loves.

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The reason why things became so difficult and stressful is that when her father passed away, her mom was pregnant. She could not bear the pain of losing her father, and it grew into sorrow.

It was her responsibility to take her since she was pregnant by then. Kagome is a girl with a great personality and amazing character. She is cheerful, delightful, faithful, and capable of enduring hardships, as well as a good friend at the same time.

2. Shirahoshi(One Piece)

Shirahoshi(One Piece)

If you ask some people, they will just tell you that it has a lot of beautiful girls; what about the negative part of the anime? Let me tell you this: Shirahoshi is the saddest anime ever. Imagine a princess crying. Have you ever seen a princess crying? I know it’s pretty weird, but that is our girl, Shirahoshi.

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This girl has been living in fear but has changed and succeeded in dealing with and handling fear. What could be the reason why she was living in fear?

As a result, she could overpower and defeat the unpleasant feeling caused by a threat of danger or harm. Are you looking for an anime sad princess? Here she is, Shirahoshi.

3. Sakura ( Cardcaptor Sakura) 

Sakura ( Cardcaptor Sakura)

She’s a happy girl full of energy and cheerful high spirits. Sakura has some talent and some abilities that enhance her magic and make her skillful. Just like any other child, she has some kind of awkward behavior. Like all kids, there is this thing of being unable to settle and relax.

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Let me say she’s a lucky girl to have a loving and caring father like hers. He is a gentleman and very understanding. One day, the ten-year-old Sakura found herself in a crossfire. Guess what happened? She had broken her father’s laptop, and she became so low.

The reason behind breaking the laptop is the show’s name; she was trying to catch a card, hence the title. Like I said before, unlike other girls, her father is so understanding and forgave her. So, if you are looking for a sad anime girl with a happy ending, Sakura is the best fit.

4. Violet Evergarden (2018)

Violet Evergarden (2018)

This girl went through the unimaginable; her life just took a sudden change after she lost her loved one. Violet was left with a permanent injury after the Great War.

She was born and bred for only one reason: to destroy the enemy’s position. It was good that the continent was becoming alive again, but it was so unfortunate that Violet was empty.

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She is amongst the most pretty and cute anime girls, full of tenderness and a big heart. After her wounds improved, she got a job that she could use to get her answers.

This job started her getting to know the meaning of certain words. In this case, she was helping people while helping herself as well.

This one is the best for those who enjoy sad anime genres and is so emotional.

5. Juvia ( Fairy Tail)

Juvia ( Fairy Tail)

She is not afraid of relaxing, being careful and alert, especially in her vulnerable state. At some point, I feel like she is a crybaby because she cries a lot. No offense, but what do you think? Am I wrong?

Her magic also deals with water and rain, leading to the nickname Juvia of the sea. After being so much into Gray, she started seeing Lucy as an enemy of her love without knowing that Gray would fight for Lucy. She was then overpowered by Gray and became heartbroken and a loner; because of this, she cried.

There’s also something kind of fun that made her cry the vanishing of the rain above her. The reason why she cried is because she believed that it was cool.

6. Usagi (Sailor Moon)

Usagi (Sailor Moon)

Many things make this girl cry; it’s not only one reason like she lost someone or something, but she also has a dozen reasons to cry. Usagi has a lot of things that the audience keeps thinking about fondly, making her relatable. The reason for her being relatable is that most anime lovers are teenagers and are just the same as her.

This girl can be a great reminder of your teenage years, and teenagers can relate to their lives. Sometimes, the relationship things make her cry and her school work. She seems to be the only one with problems, which is normal in your teenage years.

7. Sophie (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Sophie (Howl's Moving Castle)

Sophie was a normal young girl until she became an old woman through a curse. She then started doing things without force, thinking about the results of the action. Guess what? She ended up creating a mess and chaos. But why was she cursed, though?

Despite not believing and trusting herself at first, she is portrayed to be determined. She does as she pleases, even though someone else is against it. Sophie always shows sympathy and concern for others despite going through hard times.

Sadly, a girl who used to be a girl had to be in love with a wizard because of a certain case. For those who are fond of anime magic genres, this one is perfectly made for you.

8. Akane ( Psycho Pass)

Akane ( Psycho Pass)

She lives in a society full of disputes where individuals and groups have differences in deeply held moral orders. The morals do not permit direct translation or comparison to one another. Akane has a very sad life associated with death and suffering.

She is smart when we talk about brain-wise; I know you all agree with me. This girl is also a nervous person and innocent.

Akane also gives careful thought to others, which makes her an amazing person because she cares about others. With her considerate nature, she also can be mad when triggered. It also won’t change or rub the fact that she is kind-hearted.

9. Kaede Kayamo (Assassination Classroom)

Kaede Kayamo (Assassination Classroom)

She lost her sister, which made her able to endure hardships, challenges, and pain. This girl also made a firm decision and resolved not to change it and become focused. All this can’t make us forget that she became vulnerable when her sister passed away.

This girl could not stand the presence of women with big boobs around her. Before her sister’s death, she was a happy and delightful soul. Kaede also used to agree with everything her class members said without question until she lost her sister. Of all the things she could not change, the way she loved sweets.

10. Tamaki (Fire Force)

Tamaki (Fire Force)

This girl is one of those people who usually face criticism for being weak. Tamaki used to be saved by others from fire, making her feel like a burden to the team. She also looks down upon herself and feels she has no purpose and her life is just a joke.

It was difficult for her to start building herself to fit in the team. Sometimes, she would shed tears, and it was so emotional. She became rebellious after knowing her commander’s bad intentions to cause harm.

Unfortunately, she had to be punished for her behavior, which was touching. Why would the commander have bad intentions? Let me know in the comment section below if your opinions matter.

11. Setsuko ( Grave of the Fireflies)

Setsuko ( Grave of the Fireflies)

This series is based on a true-life story after the Second World War. Setsuko is a young girl suffering from a certain disease that makes her stomach look miserable. She is going through so much pain, as shown by the way her ribs have become visible.

It all started when she started losing weight all of a sudden, and as a result, she was taken to the hospital. What could be wrong with this girl? What’s causing her illness?

The most touching part was during the war when she cried for candy. No matter how strong you are with this series, I bet you will get emotional and cry.

12. Tohru (Fruits Basket)

Tohru (Fruits Basket)

How does it feel using your all trying to make it up to people who seem not to care about you? Her efforts were not returned; it is only one-sided love and efforts.

This one, she is one of those who feel for others and try by all means to protect others. She is a considerate, caring, tender person who can’t afford to see someone else getting hurt. Tohru would rather get hurt protecting someone, but she will cry. But why would someone help others if she is also emotional?

She always puts others and their needs first and will come last after others. Tohru is too caring and big-hearted, which costs her happiness most of the time.

The way she cares is just too much and admirable, even though, at some point, it makes her awkward. This girl never gets tired of trying to show others the bright side of life, no matter what she is going through.

13. Elizabeth ( The Seven Deadly Sins) 

Elizabeth ( The Seven Deadly Sins)

This girl was a princess and never considered herself useful; she always looked down upon herself. All that was in her mind was that she was a burden to her friends and was even disturbing them.

Determination pays, as portrayed by how she could use her powers when she became more focused. It shows how Elizabeth’s powers could have remained hidden if she had not tried to use them.

The reason why she became determined is that Meliodas wanted to stay back for her safety. Elizabeth got every audience emotional by the way she screamed in pain, holding Meliodas’ body.

She was so hurt because Meliodas meant a lot to her. Why was Elizabeth so attached to Meliodas? The comment section is all yours; let me know your thoughts.

14. Asuna ( Sword Art Online)

Asuna ( Sword Art Online)

Meeting Kirito changed Asuna and everything about her, including her behavior and character. She began looking up to Kirito to save herself, making her submissive to Kirito.

This also makes her appear as if she is living for him and everything she does should impress Kirito. It also makes her appear to be Kirito’s puppet and has to follow his orders. However, Asuna was also using Kirito.

The fun part is they all did not know how they looked in real life. Why were they not scared of getting trapped in the game? At last, we see Asuna emotionally crying while holding Kirito so tight. After all they have gone through in the game, this is the most heartwarming part.

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