Best Harem Anime (Fanservice & Sexy Anime Choices)

Best Harem Anime (Fanservice & Sexy Anime Choices)

Lucky are the boys who receive attention from many pretty girls. How nice it would feel to be the center of attraction. And if this special attention involves multiple girls being attracted to a single male in a romantic way.

I believe the boy has a lot to handle on his plate. It would be tough to handle so many girls who love attraction, wouldn’t it? Harem anime explores a similar concept, where a male lead is surrounded by multiple beautiful females who like and love him.

The basic concept of Harem anime is a male protagonist getting wooed by not one but many pretty girls. The environment would become competitive if so many girls were interested in a single man. In layman’s terms, we can call it a female catfight to get closer to the male protagonist.

Having so many options to choose from, can be highly confusing for the male. Hence, he ends up spending his time with all of them. Harem plot is a mix of romantic moments garnished with silly gags with light hearted comedic moments, which you will love to watch.

20. The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made

The Fruit of Evolution

The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made” is a fictional romantic anime where a male protagonist claims to be a heavenly being and tries to infiltrate the school’s Public address system.

He issues instructions for the students to prepare them to fight with the demon king after being transported to the other world. He now hopes that the youngsters who he trained and gathered will be able to fight with the demon king.

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A weak and shy guy named Seiichi Hiiragi continuously faces harassment from his peers who think that Seiichi won’t be a good partner for them. As a result of being incompetent, he is left alone with nobody to partner with and gets transferred to another place by the claimed divine being into a dense forest.

Seiichii is now left alone to fend for himself in the forest, where he finds a mysterious fruit of Evolution. Will he be able to evolve after eating the fruit of Evolution? This is the theme of this anime show.

19. Beast Tamer

Beast Tamer

Rein Shroud has a special ability to harness assistance from different animal species, which he uses to tame animal beasts. He is capable of making them perform different tasks using their capabilities for logistics and surveillance purposes. Rein is an integral part of the Hero Party community, headed by a hero named Arios Orlando.

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Rien faces difficulty staying with his team as his teammates deem him useless for the team and feel that he would be bad when they are in an immediate combat situation.

But there’s no doubt about Rien when it comes to taming animal beasts, which his team is completely unaware of. Rein forms a contract with Kanade and begins a new adventurous journey of taming the ultimate beast species and forming his new team.

18. Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory

Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory

Deserted by his father, a small 12-year-old boy, Koushi Nagumo, is left to face poverty alone. He is then rescued by a kind woman named Mineru Wachi, who brings him to a dormitory shelter.

Mineru is temporarily appointed as the dormitory manager who takes care of Koushi Nagamoto, who will now become the next Dorm Mother of the Dormitory. Koushi is surrounded by many females who show up behaving weirdly towards him.

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Koushi now faces the challenge of taking up the new responsibility of becoming a dorm mother despite being a male and has to adjust himself accordingly to his new surroundings. He is committed to becoming the best Dorm Mother for every orphan in the dormitory. But faces bizarre Harem-like experiences in the dormitory.

17. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

“How Not to Summon a Demon lord “is a mix of both the Isekai and Harem genres of anime, which follows the story of a Sakamoto Takuma. Sakamoto was summoned from a different world by two girls who were trying to enslave Sakamoto by performing an enslavement ritual.

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But the two girls end up getting enslaved by Sakamoto via a failed attempt at Mirror Magic. The story takes a twisted turn, where the two girls face the challenge of breaking free from Sakamoto’s enslavement.

16. Girlfriend, Girlfriend

Girlfriend, GirlfriendA young man having a girlfriend named Saki falls in love but faces huge difficulty in covering the vast difference between them. Girlfriend, Girlfriend is also famous for the Japanese title “kanojo mo kanojo”. The story is about Naoya and his struggles to remain committed to his girlfriend, Saki, because he also starts to have feelings for another cute girl named Nagisa.

Nagisa, too, has already confessed her feelings towards Naoya. He is not a cheater but doesn’t know how to regulate himself and his love for Nagisa. Naoya decides to find a logical solution and asks Saki for her permission to pursue his budding relationship with Nagisa.

15. To LOVE Ru


It is a classic cult series that shows the life of Yuuki Rito, an extraordinary teenager with extraordinary capabilities. Yuuki has strong feelings for his childhood friend but faces difficulties when an alien woman from La La Land lays her eyes on Yuuki.

Yukki Becomes more tense when he learns that Lala’s two sisters are coming on planet Earth, who also have a serious crush on him. To add more trouble to Yuuki’s life, LaLA sends an alien killer girl who wants to kill Yuuki but also has a crush on him.

How Yukki will handle it all. Check out his story from the anime “To Love Ru. ”

14. The Familiar Of Zero

The Familiar Of Zero

An inexperienced sorcery accidentally manages to invoke Saito, who is the main Protagonist. Initially, the anime feels like any other Harem Ecchi anime, but it takes a different genre rather quickly as the anime progresses.

As soon as Saito arrives at the sorceress’s palace, he is surrounded by the palace sorceress, who wants his attention. The anime displays an interesting blend of magic and Harem anime.

13. Date A Live

Date A Live

“Date A Live” is a unique Harem anime that takes place in a time period of several years after a destructive earthquake that killed over 150 million people on the planet. But since the earthquakes still haven’t stopped happening, there are many pretty spirit females roaming around the area where Shidou Itsuka lives.

The anime works on the plotline where Shidou and his sister work together to prevent further catastrophes while also doing spirit rehabilitation work. Interestingly, Shidou is assigned the weird task of seducing the female dead spirits with his godlike charisma and charm. Will he be able to pull off this task of rehabilitating the spirits? It will be amazing to watch.

12. Monogatari Series

Monogatari Series

After a male MC manifesto survives a serious vampire attack, a ridiculous turn of events takes place as the Harem anime theme starts to unfold slowly.

A mysterious scenario takes place as Monogatari starts to investigate the series of vampire murders happening around the city. This anime is a mixture of multiple series, OVAs, movies, and plenty of dramatic twists happening in the anime storyline.

11. The Quintessential Quintuplets

The Quintessential Quintuplets

“The Quintessential Quintuplets” is the Harem genre anime in which a male Protagonist, Fuu, taro Uesugi, and his father face financial issues. Facing difficult financial roadblocks, Fuutarou suddenly matures from a boy to a responsible, mature man who tutors 4 Quadruplets.

But the major difficulty is that all of them are cute girls with multiple personality traits. It becomes a big hassle for Fuutorou to handle them all and also tutor them together.

10. The Fruit Of Grisaia

The Fruit Of Grisaia

“The Fruit of Grisaia” starts like any other Harem anime. Its cast is of different personalities, including many anime girls and a silent boy who has a weird personality, which he developed as a result of facing his deep-rooted psychological issues.

The silent boy leaves behind his psychological problem and starts a new life by attending a different school. At the new school, he faces the new difficulty of being surrounded by many girls who are super talkative as opposed to his silent nature.

His life changes when a new female transfer student enters the school named Yuuji Kazami. The new girl starts to bond with the silent boy and the other girls, and they all discover each other’s hidden traumas. The Fruit of Grisaia is a sequel to a movie called The Eden of Grisaia. The story follows a twisted and uncomfortable plotline.

9. The World God Only Knows

The World God Only Knows

An exorcist Protagonist, Keima Katsuragi, is a spirit hunter who sets foot into the spirit world to capture spirits but ends up capturing the hearts of multiple girls. In the beginning, he thought that exorcism was chosen as a profession by him.

But he was shocked to learn the truth. The truth is he got lured into the profession of exorcism by one of the spirit girls only. Soon, Keima learns the best strategy to capture the spirit of girls would be to capture their hearts.

Keima also realizes that he would prefer dating the spirit girls more than the real-world girls and realizes his passion for capturing female spirit girls and helping them descend to the next world as a spirit exorcist.

8. Tenchi Muyo! War On Geminar

Tenchi Muyo! War On Geminar

Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar takes the cake when it comes to taking center stage in the list of Harem anime. This anime is a mix of both Isekai anime and fictional situations.

The story starts with the bizarre events in the life of male protagonist Kenshi Masaki, who is given the task of killing the crown empress by planning a coup d’état against her.

He decides to take the female disguise and goes to serve under the empress as her matcha. But his disguise gets found out and he is forced to flee and survive on his own.

Most men are incapable of surviving such tasks. He is again assigned the task of assassinating the empress, but the second time, he refuses to kill her and instead chooses to safeguard her. The empress, in return, offers to train him with his female pilots and lets him enter her army.

7. Redo of Healer

Redo of Healer

Redo of Healer is an anime based on time travel which also has the characteristics of Harem in it. The anime portrays the story of a skilled healer who is capable of healing any kind of wound, from severe to mild injuries. But before becoming a healer, he was subjected to countless years of physical torture and emotional abuse.

He feels like he has the power to face his abusers and decides to cast a powerful healing spell that can turn back time.

6. Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend

Saekano_ How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend

“Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend” is a beautiful anime that starts with Saekano deciding to create a visual novel. He starts by recruiting multiple friends who help him out in his endeavors to achieve his dream of preparing a visual novel.

But his novel becomes a dating simulator, unlike another general novel. He and his friends try their best and make all the necessary efforts to make the most genuine visual novel.

5. Hayate The Combat Butler!!

Hayate The Combat Butler!!

Next on our list is the classic Harem-style anime, “Hayate The Combat Butler”. It is a beautiful mix of multiple genres, starting with a light-hearted note but taking a rather dark and twisted turn.

Abandoned by his parents, Hayate Ayasaki incurs a heavy amount of debt over his shoulders. He gets sold into a human trafficking ring and decides to flee, capture a rich girl and demand lots of money to pay his parent’s debt.

Hayate faces a dilemma when he does manage to kidnap a rich girl but instead finds out that the girl is in love with him. He finally finds the courage to confess his plans in front of her, asks for forgiveness, and receives it. The rich girl offers him a butler’s job to survive and keeps on loving him from afar.

4. Nisekoi: False Love

Nisekoi_ False Love

Nisekoi: False Love is a one-of-a-kind anime in which the love buds in the middle of dangerous gang situations. The main couple faces turmoil when they both belong to separate criminal gangs, at war with each other. They both face the difficult decision of whether to stick with gang members or run away together.

They are neither able to stay away from each other nor being able to abandon the gangs they belong to. How the storyline unfolds is worth a suspense watch.

3. Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches

Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches

“Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches” is one more Harem anime with two lead characters who can swipe their bodies. Things take a surprising turn when Ryuu Yamada accidentally kisses a beautiful honor student and discovers how they can switch their bodies after a kiss.

With this supernatural power comes the circle of supernatural twists while the duo sets on a journey to find out if more students have the same abilities as them.

2. Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire

Would you like to watch a disorderly, twisted harem anime with many monster girls? In Rosario + Vampire anime, you will explore the fictional fantasy world of supernatural monster beings such as Vampires and werewolves.

The male hero of the anime, Tsukne Aono, gets enrolled in the Yokai Academy, forced by the pressure of his strict parents. The school he thought was for human kids is full of supernatural monsters, and Tsukne has nowhere to go now. He accepts the situation as it is and decides to stay at the school while also helping out other school girls and solving some glaring issues.

1. Rent-A-Girlfriend


Rent-a-Girlfriend is an unforgettable anime where a college student named Kazuya Kinoshita gets dumped by his girlfriend and seeks a rebound in the arms of a rented girlfriend.

Despite finding out they are both incompatible, they still fake their relationship for the sake of Kazuya’s ill old grandmother’s happiness. From here on their own their relationship takes a quirky turn.

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