Best High School Anime (Top Comedy, Thrill, Romance Genre)

Best High School Anime (Top Comedy, Thrill, Romance Genre)

I feel anime is meant for teenagers, who are always oscillating between kids and adults! Their mentality is perfectly portrayed in the anime. And what better way can be to unlock the minds of these age groups other than the High School anime?

High School anime serves everything you need to satiate your mental voidness! Be it romance, amusement or thrill and escapism! How, when, and where? Let’s figure out the Best High School Anime of all genres!

Let’s Go with the High school romance; you heard it right! I know these tales fascinate you! And I do know having a beloved in high school was a cherished victory!

When the expectations and the perceived reality clash, adolescents find themselves in awkward moments, and the romance gets sidelined, and the comedy sync’s sync’s Can we miss the thrill part? No, in high school, acceptance and rejections were heart baffling and being eccentric was the coolest and bravest norm!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get bored and dive once again into the golden high school days with these top 13 Best High school anime from all genres.

1. The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten (2023)

The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten(2023)

The title is quite vocal in its plot. The lovers seem to be neighbors! Let’s Let out more about what makes it an interesting piece.

Rains always turn out to be romantic if they don’t do the thunderstorms! Sometimes, it brings the lesser-known faces together and intertwines their love paths!

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The same can be said for Shu Fujimiya and Mahiru Shiina, who are the main characters of the manga series. Shu appears to be a diligent boy whose motto is to accomplish something in his life. Mahiru is a beauty queen with wavering emotions.

Rain becomes the coinciding moment for the unknown neighbors and becomes the starting juncture of their romantic tale.

“The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten” turns out to be a cute tale exhibiting novice love, showcasing the emotional conundrums and personality changes as it touches the teenager’s lives.

2. Horimiya


Do you know the title has covered the name of the couple? Hori and Miyamura are the series’ main characters or lovebirds.

At first, the story appears to be quite common, but as you proceed, the character’s secrets and alter-ego captivate the viewers’ eyes!

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Both are high school students and studying in the same class. Hori is quite popular at school for her intelligence and good looks, but at home she is a caretaker of her family. On the other hand, Miyamura seems to be an introverted guy, and outside the school, he is fun-loving and charming.

Their friendship and secret love story starts when they accidentally meet outside the school. Why both choose to keep their identities secret is still a mystery!

If you are like Hori and Miyamuru, “Horimiya” is definitely a delight to your eyes! Watch further to explore more about what happens next in their lives!

3. Wolf Girl and Black Prince (2014)

Wolf Girl and Black Prince (2014)

G-talks are at their zenith when the high school girls indulge in the boyfriend’s topics! Girls are revered and accepted in their gang for having one! Rest you are being judged for your personality! Hideous, isn’t it?

Erika Shinohara happens to be part of such a girl’s gang. She is not only pushed but compelled to fabricate a fake relationship story to survive in her group!

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What makes it more interesting or exhausting, I would say, is when she figures out the boy she faked to be her boyfriend happens to be her classmate.

What choice is left to her – either to leave the girl’s group or befriend that guy? The story is lively, with real-life incidents and learnings, becoming one of the most-watched Anime of all time!

4. Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time

Tonari no Seki-kun_ The Master of Killing Time

Hey girls, this anime is for you! Imagine you are studying in a high school, and the guy sitting next to you is a nerd! What will you do? Stop his reckless behavior, or do you prefer to be a complaint box?

The choice is yours in your life, and Rumi Yokoi is the struggling girl in this anime. She tries to concentrate on her studies, but the guy next to her, Toshinari Seki, has all the plans to do everything except study.

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Will she succeed in her attempt to focus and limit Toshinari’s actions, or will she become the victim of the professor’s sins?

Watch “Ton ” no Seki Kun: The Master of Killing Time” for “un, and who knows, love may sprout between this less compatible couple?

5. Blue Spring Ride

Blue Spring Ride

Who is your first love? Is it a school guy or the childhood street companion? Childhood crush is innocent and naive. Still, it stays with you somewhere in your mind forever!

Blue Spring Ride has caught its audience with this childhood romance! Here, Futaba and Tanaka Kou have been a romantic duo since childhood! Fate brings them together once again and gives them a chance to confess their feelings for each other.

Personalities do change over a period of time, and these guys happen to meet after a long time. Tanaka Kou is not as charming as before, and Futaba is not as beautiful as she used to be in her childhood!

Will this couple survive the teenage changes and still thrive in the olden-golden days? “Blue Spring Ride” has stored a lot of romance and mystery for you. Do watch and rejoice in your less touched childhood memories as you witness the journey of Futaba and Tanaka in the Anime.

6. School Rumble (2004)

School Rumble (2004)

Expect a lot of drama in the series! Right from infatuation to romance to comedy and high school rivalries.

What’s the definition of love for teenagers? Is it going to parks together and having candlelight dinners? Mostly, this fits the criteria, and the three magical words “ I love” change their lives completely. Making them float on cloud 9!

School Rumble talks about one such couple who has mutual feelings but is scared to confess to their loved ones. Meet Kenji and Tenma as they find courage and ways to spend time with each other.

Don’t expect the tingling butterflies; you may witness heart-breaks and misunderstandings as you traverse the romantic land in “School Rumble” Anime.

7. Maid Sama!

Maid Sama!

Are we witnessing the love story of a maid? Let’s figure it out!

Friends! We have a strong feminist here who is always on her toes to make this school a better place for her fellow girls to study. She is not only intelligent but diligent, too! Her intellect has laid her way to becoming the president of the student council at Seika High School.

I am talking about Misaki Ayuzawa from the “Maid Sama” anime series. She is a leader and a servant too at the cafeteria! Her daring nature not only lets her fight with the nerd boys but also breaks the student council rules! Despite being a president, she takes up a job as a maid at the nearest cafeteria, which is against the school rules.

She is definitely caught by Usui, one of her classmates. Will he reveal her secret to the school and make her life hell, or will his frequent visits to the cafeteria make him fall in love with her?

A perfect high-school romance drama, bullies and comedy is what “Maid Sama!” is all about. It is definitely one of my favorites; what about yours?

8. Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom

Yes! You heard it right! We have a classroom specially built up for the dropout students, and that turns out to be an “assassination classroom,” too!

Failure students receive training not only for bookish knowledge but for life skills too, I mean the dangerous ones, like “killings and shooting”! Class 3-E is famous for one more thing.

Do you know who their professor is? An octopus, a yellow one, wearing a black hat! Professor Koro-sensei has destroyed the moon and is now determined to destroy the Earth. What makes him so negatively ambitious to doom the human world turns out to be a mystery.

However, his students seem to rebel against his chosen path of destruction and happen to be well-wishers of the human world. Killing him seems to be the only way to avert Koro-sensie’s disastrous plan. Will the students dare to kill his favorite professor, or will they let him ruin human civilization?

Let’s watch “Assassination Classroom” for further updates; I am pretty sure you will like the thrill, anonymous characters, and touch of eccentric plots, too!

9. Boku no Hero Academia

Boku no Hero Academia

How many of you have dreamt of being a Hero in your Childhood? The superhuman characters always fascinate the novice mind and turn them towards doing heroic acts. Kids always mimic those idols in the quest to be one and relive the seen moments.

We have one such hero enthusiast in the “Boku no Hero Academia.” Meet Izuku, a little kid who wants to be a hero. His wish turns out to be a reality as he meets the All Might in the series. This mentor turns out to be an attribute gifter.

Isuzu with sheer determination, completes his hero training under All Might and enrolls in the finest High-school which is famous for the same. The students are fast learners but seem eccentric.

What happens to Isuzu’s childhood aspirations when he steps out into the malicious world? Will his hero skills fetch him enough glory to be a Hero, or will he step aside and opt for a normal life? Let’s watch Boku no Hero Academia to explore further and be a part of the thrill, action and fights of the high-school anime world!

10. Skip and Loafer (2023)

Skip and Loafer (2023)

We have an optimist changemaker in the “Skip and Loafer” anime series.

Meet a high school girl named Mitsumi Iwakura, who leaves her town and opts to study in a prestigious school in a city. Quite normal for countryside kids, actually, but what’s abnormal or fascinating is her quest to bring a positive change to the country!

Despite her noble intentions, she fails to impress her classmates on her first day of school. We say the first impression is the last impression, and she is stuck hard to manage one!

Odds are high for her but she has a companion named Sousuke Shima, who happens to be on the same page with her. Did I mention that she is a very bright girl but with little social cues? That’s where she is caught up in the odd situations and brings humor to anime!

Let’s witness a saga of friendship, romance, humor, and teenage emotional upheaval in “Skip and Loafer” and cherish the golden school days, which have brought a lot of good and bad times in our lives!

11. Orange(2016)


Tell me, who was your dearest person when you were in your teens? A friend, right? Suppose he passes away, will you mourn his loss for a lifetime, or if you receive a chance, will you fight any odds to bring him back to life?

It is difficult to think and more difficult to practice! Provided you have special powers to alter the course of time!

In Orange, the high school kids possess these mystical powers of time travel. They can go back to the past and can write letters to their future self.

After almost a decade, Suwa and his friends meet up at the mountain and witness the glory of sunset. Suddenly, they remember their old friend, Kakeru Naruse, who passed away.

They are mourning their death and decide to write letters to their ten-year-old self. Gaining wisdom from the future letters, they have found a way to bring Kakeru back to life.

Will they alter the future and succeed or will they choose a usual trodden path is a mystery. “Orange” is a beautiful saga of friendship, loss and guilt, all the elements well knitted in high-school friends’ lives.

One of the epic stories portrays the teenagers’ friendship, romance, and emotional turbulence and their dedication to each other.

12. One Week Friends (2014)

One Week Friends (2014)

Does the title amaze you, like me? True friendship lasts forever; what’s the matter with the “One Week Friends” anime series?

High school romance is not always about a one-night stand or infatuations; sometimes, it portrays in-depth emotions and makes you look further into your real-life relationships too! One Week Friendship turns out to be one such everlasting saga of romance and friendship between Yuki Hase and Kaori Fujimiya.

Here goes the crux of the story!

Yuki is a silent girl and Karoi is curious to find out what’s the reason behind her stillness. He gets attracted by her calm persona and tries to approach her. What he finds out is mind-trembling!

She is suffering from memory loss syndrome! After every week, she forgets her life incidents. Someone has to remind her what happened last week! In this scenario, Karoi is determined to stay by her side and keep on loving her. Even if he has to propose to her every Monday, he is more than happy to do that!

What a mature love! Must say, “One Week Friends” reminds us of the lifelong commitments of old people and mesmerizes us with the adolescent mindset to follow their footprints in modern times!

13. Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Again, it’s a high-school romance anime, but this time, it features an invisible girl!

Hold on, she is not a normal girl with a hiding ability but has bunny traits, too!

Meet Mai Sakurajima and Sakuta of the “Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai” manga series.

Mai is confident enough about her invisible form till she realizes that Sakuta is the only exception and can see her even in ordinary dress. Sakuta gets a glimpse of Mai’s mystical power and sets out to find the mysterious truth. Will these two people come together and become the epitome of friendship and love life?

Let’s take a bowl of popcorn to see this beautiful fairytale love story of the high school anime romance genre!

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