Best Anime Fox Girls Rated by Otakus in 2024

Best Anime Fox Girls Rated by Otakus in 2024

Japanese anime seems to be fascinated with animal attributes! Sometimes in the form of vampires or wolves or bunnies or cats, and this time, these cute Fox Girls have caught my eye!

What do you understand about Fox? Are they cunning, extremely smart, fast and difficult to capture animals? Exactly! The smarty pants creatures, I would say! With these highly admirable attributes, the anime world will not relinquish its characters with these foxy traits.

We are traversing animal landscapes of Japanese folklore, and we must know what Kitsune Stands for. Friends, it’s a colloquial word for the fox-boys or fox-girls with magical powers. Shape-shift is a usual characteristic of Kitsune, and the rest of the abstract attributes depend on the needs of the storyline.

So, let’s hang on to the list of Best Anime Fox Girls Rated by Otakus in 2024 and educate our minds with fun, beauty, and mesmerized mystical powers!

1. Tamamo – Anime Fox Girl From Fate/Grand Order

Tamamo – Anime Fox Girl From Fate_Grand Order

Imagine a pretty fox girl with erect fox ears, adorable red hairs and a body wrapped up in blue attire! Sounds like a deity, isn’t it?

She is in the anime named “Fate/Grand Order” and her name is “Tamamo”. She happens to be a beautiful fox girl with the epitome of all the tricks and tactics to enchant others.

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She rules the heart of the male counterpart. Emperor Toba is a perfect example of her captivating aura. She enjoys the title of Tamamo-no-mae and all the delicacies of being a favourite court lady.

Did I mention that apart from the ears, she is a nine-tailed professional fox serving in a restaurant when her hot spring hotel business is in less demand?

Known for her wits and beauty, she is the perfect Kitsune to be number one in the Best Anime Fox Girl List 2023.

2. Koto, YU YU Hakusho

Koto, YU YU Hakusho

We have a demon fox girl on the list. Meet Koto from the “YU YU Hakusho” anime series.

Despite her small role in the anime, she is a memorable ancillary character. Who can forget her tomboy looks? Brown short hairs, bulging green eyes, small fox ears, and a thick fox tail are all that we need to describe her.

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Besides her looks, her outspoken nature and carefree expressions complement her foxy face. Her outgoing personality resonates with her referee and commentator profession.

If you have seen her once in YU YU Haskusho, I bet her charisma and communication style will remain in your mind for a while.

3. Senko (The Helpful Fox Senko-san)

Senko (The Helpful Fox Senko-san)

I have found one cute little fox in the anime world. Wait, let me reveal her attributes first and her name later.

She is cute, she is blonde, and she is smart! Yes! She is a helpful fox, too! She is a heavenly fox, specially sent to alleviate Kuroto’s life.

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I am talking about Senko from the “The Helpful Fox Senko-san” manga series.

Who dares to slip her persona from their mind? Her charming face radiates her heavenly aura. Her refreshing smile turns out to be a perfect pacifier for Kuroto’s troubles. Don’t go by her looks; she may appear young and childish, but in reality, she is an 800-year-old fox!

She tops number four on my list of Best Anime Fox Girls of the Year 2023, rated by Otakus.

4. Bonbori and Hozuki from Otome Yokai Zakuro

Bonbori and Hozuki from Otome Yokai Zakuro

Guess what’s the advantage of having a twin sister? Oh, girl! You can easily deceive others with the same looks! Similarity turns out to be your strength and a perfect weapon to baffle strangers. Sounds tempting!

Bonbori and Hozuki, being twin sisters, are on the same path to annoy others with their pranks. They don’t leave a chance to be happy and make others happy.

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They are not just normal human twins but fox-girl twins with mysterious powers and foxy traits!

Have you seen these blonde foxy twins? Their eyes are yellow, too! Their unique cone-shaped hairstyle always baffles me with what’s wrong with her locks.

They will do everything in the anime to remain stuck to Ganryu Hanakir. They will not leave him for a second. Her clinginess sometimes averses others and also makes them overly affectionate girls.

Watch Otome Yokai Zakuro for more fun, as these twin foxy sisters are always on their toes to confuse others!

5. Haruhime Sanjouno From DanMachi

Haruhime Sanjouno From DanMachi

This fox girl has caught you with her heart-trenching story! No doubt the looks are astonishing, but her story is anguishing!

Haruhime Sanjouno, born a noble girl, became the victim of someone’s hideous plot and was abandoned by her father. Stars seemed to test her might and accidentally ended up in a brothel.

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Despite her tragic life, she is a down-to-earth lady with an epitome of beauty. She wears a red robe. She is blonde and has fox-like ears and a tail, too!

She is a noble fox girl with a cursed life! Watch her in the DanMachi manga series as she shows her strength to fight the unfortunate life and return to her normal life.

6. Kon From Inari Kon Kon

Kon From Inari Kon Kon

Is she a Fox or a Dog? It’s confusing to identify Kon!

The only distinguishing character is her foxy tail, or else her appearance resembles more of a canine form. It’s her shape-shift ability which confirms her true nature. It’s not easy and frequent for her to transform into a fox; she truly struggles to master this tactic!

Watch Kon from the “Inari Kon Kon” manga series as she embarks on her journey alongside Inara.

7. Shiro (The Helpful Fox Senko-san).

Shiro (The Helpful Fox Senko-san)

This one turns out to be a naughty Fox-girl. She is Shiro from the “The Helpful Foc Senko-san” manga series.

Despite having a side role in the anime, she is notoriously known for her aggression and disdainful nature. Her looks and body language speak for her devilish nature.

She is white with silver hair and red marks on her cheeks. The additional silver eyebrows capture viewers’ attention.

Watch her as she troubles Kuroto in “The Helpful Fox Senko-san” anime series.

8. Yozora From Sewayaki Kitsune No Senko San

Yozora From Sewayaki Kitsune No Senko San

Meet this tiny Kitsune, who appears not so often, but her role is of great value. She is tiny but is in charge of safeguarding the other Kitsune.

Meet Yozora from the “Sewayaki Kitsune No Senko San” manga series.

You will always see her locks hiding her one eye. It creates a visual mystery, and her dark red hair captivates the viewer’s attention.

9. Zakuro – Kitsune Girl From Otome Youkai Zakuro

Zakuro – Kitsune Girl From Otome Youkai Zakuro

Who is this pretty swordswoman in the fox girl list?

Meet Zakuro from the “Kitsune Girl From Otome Youkai Zakuro” manga series.

She has long black hair and red bows tied on each side. Her long goddess-like dress catches the audience’s eyesight. Lastly, she has got black foxy ears.

Talking about her story, she is a half-demon fox girl. She has mystical powers, too, which, at times, she finds difficult to control. Her mission is to protect the humans from the demons! She is not alone in her combating journey; she also has the company of skilled combatants!

10. Yukikaze Panettone (Dog Days)

Yukikaze Panettone (Dog Days)

Once again, we have a charming little fox girl on the list.

Yukikaze Panettone from the “Dog Days” is a real beauty to captivate your eyes. Her tiny blonde state, sharp yellow fox ears, and fluffy fox tail make her a perfect fox girl. Her riveting smile is the most adorable trait to look for.

Don’t go by her adorable looks; she is bold enough to slash you with her manual blows! She is a secret agent and works for Biscotti Knights Secret Squad. She treats the members of the squad as her family members.

Agile with her moves and family values at her heart, she turns out to be the most sought-after Fox Anime Girl of 2023.

11. Chizuru Minamoto, Kanokon (Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox)

Chizuru Minamoto, Kanokon (Kanokon_ The Girl Who Cried Fox)

What shall I call her, black beauty or blonde beast?

She is both! She appears in beautiful black hair in her human form, and in her Kitsune form, she is an adorable blonde girl with foxy ears and a tail.

Want more of her powers? She can shape-shift at her will. She is a beauty with a brain and mystical powers. Did I mention she can turn her opponents to ashes with her anguish and radiating fox-fire?

Regarding her human life, she is a second-year student and seems to be in love with Kouta. When she is with him, she is more powerful!

Watch “Kanokon” to learn more about this fierce lady, a goddess with 400 years of wisdom!

12. Miko – From No Game No Life

Miko - From No Game No Life

Meet Kitsune, who appears in her bright aura and radiates yellow waves from her body! She is Miko from the “No Game No Life” manga series.

She tops the Kitsune when formulating strategies to mend the nations. She has shown courage to bring the scattered tribe together. She appears with Shiro, Ino, and Izuna in the series.

13. Susukihotaru from Otome Youkai Zakuro

Susukihotaru from Otome Youkai Zakuro

Who is this divine goddess of the nights? With her black wavy hair and foxy ears, she keeps adoring her fans with her shyness!

Meet Susukihotaru from the “Otome Youkai Zakuro” manga series.

Like most of the demigods, she has a tragic past. Her parents abandoned her when they got to know her reality. She was saved and nurtured. Riken seems to have influenced her more than ever. She gained her confidence and became more comfortable with humans. She started feeling butterflies rumbling in her stomach on seeing him!

Let’s witness this beautiful saga of Kitsune as she falls in love and merges with the human world!

14. Dakki, Senkaiden Houshin Engi

Dakki, Senkaiden Houshin Engi

Highly partial and extremely brutal are the adjectives which define the Dakki.

She is an empress and thinks only of herself and her sisters. She will do anything to satiate her selfish motives. Brutality seems to be a normal way of dealing with people. Her hideous motives, even her intellect, were to craft the machine to hurt the people.

She is extremely evil, malicious, and in power to dominate the country and make a living hell for their people. You can enjoy witnessing and derogating her evil intellect in the “Senkaiden Housing Engi manga” series.

15. Kiri from Konohana Kitan

Kiri from Konohana Kitan

Meet the spoiled Kitsune of the anime world who loves drinking and smoking!

She is Kiri from the “Konohana Kitan” manga series. If you see her, she will display the coolest attitude, but deep down her heart, she is responsible and cares for their dear ones. Talking about her title, she works for Konohanatei and is a lead steward. She has five subordinates to train under her leadership.

Know more about this well-mannered, sophisticated kitsune protagonist of the manga series.

16. Kogitsune from Natsume Yuujinchou

Kogitsune from Natsume Yuujinchou

An utterly anonymous fox character in the anime world. Call it their gender or mother; nothing is known to their fans; everything is implied.

Fans are always confused about whether Kogitsune is a male or female fox. He appears as a cute boy in his human form. Kogitsune has a friend named Natsume and seems to enjoy life. During his kitsune life, he was found in mental stress owing to being the victim of constant derogatory comments from her clan.

You can find this cute little Kitsune, always bewildered and afraid, in the “Natsume Yuujinchou” manga series.

17. Tsumiki Miniwa (Acchi Kocchi)

Tsumiki Miniwa (Acchi Kocchi)

We have the tiniest kitsune here!

Do you know that her fox ears pop up whenever she finds anything interesting? Her purple hair resonates with her purple vibes as she unleashes her mystical powers.

I am talking about Tsumiki Miniwa from the Acchi Kocchi manga series. She rules the anime fan’s heart with her adorable nature.

18. Kon From Tokyo Ravens

Kon From Tokyo Ravens

You will be electrified to watch this Kitsune Kon emitting blue radiations from her eyes! She gives one more reason to baffle their fans with her alter-ego.

She appears to be in form. When she is Kon, she is a white beauty with silvery hues. She seems extremely enchanting in her Kon form and is called “loli” by most fans.

Talking about her Hishamaru form, she exhibits a more extroverted persona and aggression!

It’s always a delight to view her in either of her forms; she is a true gem of Kitsune and appears in the “Tokyo Ravens” manga series.

19. Kunou From High School DxD Hero

Kunou From High School DxD Hero

Innocence in their heart is reflected in her naive smile! She is a fox girl with blonde hair.

Meet the princess Kunou from the “HighSchool DxD Hero” manga series.

Known for her early leadership qualities, she aims to protect her family. She is the daughter of King Kyoto. She is not a normal fox, but with the nine shiny tails wiggling at her back!

Watch only her playful nature and responsible attitude in the “HighSchool DxD Hero” manga series.

20. Youko from Inukami

Youko from Inukami

Meet a kitsune, the prettiest one brave enough to face the ghosts but hides when it comes to dogs!

She is Youko from the “Inukami” manga series. Her powers are as mystical as her heavenly form. She unveils two mysterious tactics. One was to mesmerize the opponents with her relocation ability, and the other was to shoot objects using her fingers. Interesting, isn’t it?

Let’s talk about her appearance: ohh! Look for her greenish locks! She stuns her viewers with this unique hair color and pleasant nature. Her eyes reflect her inner strength.

Her love interest is quite interesting too! Keita seems to provoke her romantic side. She turns protective and fragile when it comes to Keita’s safety.

However, I wonder if she will trade off anything for a chocolate cake. Watch Inukami to watch this beautiful Kitsune as she unravels her beautiful side.

21. Kuugen Tenko, Wagaya No Oinari-sama (Our Home’s Fox Deity)

Kuugen Tenko, Wagaya No Oinari-sama (Our Home’s Fox Deity)

Want to meet the purest kitsune demon? Who doesn’t even think of being cruel despite her immense powers?

I am talking about Kuugen Tenko of the “Wagaya No Oinari-sama” manga series.

I am sure you will be mesmerized by her beauty at a glance. She appears to be extremely beautiful in her human form. She becomes the storehouse of magical powers when she is a fox goddess. Imagination is the only thing needed to cast her magic.

Beware! She may turn you into a toad; for that, she only has to unveil her thoughts, and her job is done! But don’t be afraid; she is not malicious; she is a good demon.

22. Ran Yakumo (Anime Tenchou x Touhou Project)

Ran Yakumo (Anime Tenchou x Touhou Project)

Am I seeing a fairy in the form of a Kitsune? Nope, friends! Her nine tails appear like fairy wings and give the idea of witnessing a fairy. Her attire gives you a sense of royalty and an esteemed person.

There is an age-old tradition behind her name, Ran Yakumo. A colour inspires every family member’s name, and so does her name. Her name symbolizes indigo color and eight clouds.

Watch her incredible dedication as she never fails to complete her duties even while resting only at” the anime Tenchou x Touhou Project.

23. Sakura (Hyper Police)

Sakura (Hyper Police)

What’s the fuss about being a nine-tailed fox in the kitsune world?

Sakura from the Hyper Police is also thriving to get the nine tails! The storyline compels her to take in any animal to unleash her full strength. At times, she is seen to be influenced by Natsuki’s thoughts to grow her nine tails.

All is done to become powerful and get revered by her clan!

Did I miss that she is a silvery fox with silver hair and a fluffy tail? Plus, her sharp facial features resonate with the gun in her hand!

24. Jiuer Su from Yaoguai Mingdan

Jiuer Su from Yaoguai Mingdan

We have a multiple reincarnation story here!

Meet Jiuer Su from the “Yaoguai Mingdan” manga series, who takes up several rebirths to be with her beloved Feng Xi.

Talking about her thousand-year-old nature, she is a humble, empathetic, and protective kitsune girl. She can break any barriers to be a saviour of her loved ones.

Watch her alongside Feng Xi, the series’s protagonist, as the story embarks on a thrilling combat journey between humans and demons.

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