Best Anime Butler Characters That Will Impress You

Best Anime Butler Characters That Will Impress You

Butler”, does this word sound boring? Let’s make it more interesting! Even the tiniest position gets momentum with their well-knitted character when the anime world gets into action.

Are you well aware of the Butler job? Well, if not, imagine you have a huge home with servants everywhere, with one leading them all! Call it his serving skills or finest mute etiquette; he dominates the house. Also, at the same time, it is one of the most dangerous threats to your secrets, too!

Does it sound interesting now? I promise with these astonishing Anime Butlers, sometimes serving the angels, demons, and humans, you will witness the most polite yet malicious intents, fair enough to instill a thrill in you!

So, let’s witness the Best Anime Butler Characters That Will Impress You more than even a real-life spy!

1. Hayate Ayasaki (Hayate the Combat Butler)

Hayate Ayasaki (Hayate the Combat Butler)

What will be your last deed if your family piles up a huge amount for you to repay to the creditors? Run away or be their servant?

In “Hayate the Combat Butler,” Hayate Ayasaki chose to take the courageous path and became the Butler of Nagi Sanzenin and his family. He eventually succeeded in repaying the debts at the cost of his precious time, which he could have utilized to deploy his acquired skills.

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He is a good guy and always becomes the victim of his good deeds. He is the finest, cutest, and youngest Butler; you will watch him in a suit serving the wines in the anime. You will fall for his bluish hair and blue eyes with his prettiest style!

2. Kurogiri (My Hero Academia)

Kurogiri (My Hero Academia)

This Butler is going to give you nightmares!

What am I witnessing? Blazing yellow eyes, purple flames, and a face covered in a solid mask! I am introducing Kurogiri, the Butler from the “My Hero Academia” manga series.

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His physics validates his birth from the dead body of Oboro Shirakumo. In the series, he not only serves as Butler of Tomura Shigaraki but is also a member of the League of Villains.

Watch this terrifying Butler as he sets forth his butler tactics in the manga series.

3. Arakawa


We have a professional driver in the best anime butler list!

Arawaka appears in the “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” manga series. He serves the family of Keiichu Tamaru.

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He is not just a servant but a savior, too! He once saved Mikuru from his opponents!

Watch more about Arakawa, the Butler of the anime world!

4. Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred Pennyworth

Have you heard of Batman? Then you must have heard of Alfred Pennyworth! He is one of the most talked about polished butler characters in anime. Oops! Its roots are not from the Japanese manga, but it reaches the essence of the anime world.

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Can you tell me how cold a personality he exhibits? Suited in black attire and sophistication at its zenith, he looks like a clean person with absolute loyalty! He was in charge of raising young Bruce and helping him become the savior of Batman!

Watching him as a loyal butler of the Wayne family always ignites respect for him in his fans’ hearts!

5. Hans


We have a real-life story of the Austrian Singing family to be depicted in the “The Von Trapp Family Story” anime series.

Von Trapp family is a renowned and rich family living with delicacies. Hans turns out to be his servant. It is later revealed from the story he has external political connections with Nazi Germany.

Watch this realistic anime as Hans keeps serving the fortunate with his dedication.

6. Gotoh (Hunter X Hunter)

Gotoh (Hunter X Hunter)

This Butler turns out to be a fighter!

The company you dwell in, the person you become! He serves the assassin family and turns out to be one of them!

Gotoh is a butler of the Zoldycks family, renowned for smart killings. He doesn’t remain behind in surprising his opponents with the “coin” attacks!

Watch this sadistic Butler in the “Hunter x Hunter” anime as he unleashes tremendous power using coin attacks!

7. Sebastian Michaelis

Sebastian Michaelis

Watch out for this servant; he will kill you after he is freed from the treaty!

I am talking about Sebastian Michaelis from the “Black Butler” anime series. As the title suggests, he is the important character in the anime; after all, it’s all about Butler! He serves Phantomhive House, and Ceil is his master.

As we narrate the gist, he is determined to kill his master, Ciel, once his term ends. What brings irony to the plot is that he becomes an immensely loyal servant, even when protecting Ciel.

It is a dark series with twisting plots. Watch Sebastian in the anime for his determination and agony to kill Ciel.

8. Hopkins, Mr. Cheeves and Sebastian

Hopkins, Mr. Cheeves and Sebastian

Who has not watched Pokemon? I bet we all have watched it! The magical creatures popping out from the mysterious disc are still a mystery to us!

I bet only the avid watcher knows the story behind James’ upbringing!

It’s his three butlers, Sebastian, Hopkins, and Mr. Cheeves, who raised him and later turned out to be a skillful Pokemon trainer.

Very rarely seen in the anime, these butlers have made an absolute mark in James’s life and are worthy of being listed as the best anime Butler characters in the world!

9. Walter C. Dornez (Hellsing)

Walter C. Dornez (Hellsing)

When it comes to Hellsing, my Heart sings not to witness malicious deeds! You can’t avoid the bloodshed, even from the butlers of this anime!

Cut to the story; let’s talk about this old guy with a mysterious patch on his eyes. He is Walter C. Dornez, the butler of the “Hellsing” anime series.

He served as a butler to the Hellsing organization since his early childhood. He is known for his brutality and killing tactics! He is infamously called the “Angel of Death.”

Watch him in the “Hellsing” as he accurately cuts down the opponents with his deadly monofilament wires!

10. Whis (Dragon Ball Super)

Whis (Dragon Ball Super)

Am I witnessing an alien deity with the utmost manners to serve the masters? Nope, looks are deceiving; he is a butler of Beerus and descends from heaven.

His looks are astonishing! He is a bluish butler with a stick in his hand! It’s magical and powerful enough not to destroy but to contain the catastrophe!

He once stopped the devastating fight between Champa and Beerus. I am sure you will not be amazed to see his looks but his politeness as he embarks on a journey with Beerus in the “Dragon Ball Super” manga series.

11. Frankenstein (Noblesse)

Frankenstein (Noblesse)

All I know is this butler is smart, loyal, intelligent, and has mystical powers!

I am talking about Frankenstein from the “Noblesse” anime series. His loyalty is not captive to his young master Raizel’s presence. He turns out to be patient and aggressive at the need of an hour. His dedication to finding Raizel after his sudden disappearance and joy to see him back after 800 years talk a lot about his character.

He usually dislikes the noble clans, but after years of experience, he has changed his hostile attitude toward humans. Watch this handsome and mysterious butler only in the “Frankenstein” manga series.

12. Agni


Is it guilt that makes Agni to be a loyal servant? The guilt of being cruel to the world!

Agni is on the path of purification to reverse his sins by serving an Indian Prince. He turns out to be highly loyal and dedicated to his duty.

His butler persona will challenge his former self as he vows to serve the prince with his exceptional skills in the anime series. Watch him for his combating tactics, pace, and unusual powers as he baffles his strongest opponent in the series.

13. Nagase, Asano and Toyogawa

Nagase, Asano and Toyogawa

Wow! Rich brat’s tantrums and eccentric demands are flawlessly portrayed in the “Daily Life of High School Boys” anime.

Who becomes the victim? Of Course, their servants! Right?

Meet the three butlers of Yukana, namely Nagase, Toyogawa, and Asano, who act as per her mistress’ will!

Despite being a schoolgirl, she commands and makes unreasonable demands! He demands to find excuses for not going to school. And on top of it, those excuses should be convincing and creative!

Poor butlers, I would say, who have to meet all their little mistress demands to sustain her living!

Watch this anime. It is fun if you look at its shallow storyline, but deep down, it warns parents to watch their kids’ behavior.

14. Mosquito


Meet the strong combatant residing in the butler figure!

Mosquito from the “Soul Eater” anime series is one of the powerful fighters of the Arachnophobia clan.

He is the mightiest, with mystical powers to give cold chills to his opponents! At the same time, he is a loyal and dedicated butler to Arachne.

15. Tanaka


Once again, you are witnessing a wise old butler who serves his young master.

He is knowledgeable enough and intelligent to warn and stop his young master as and when needed. His ability to remain silent at times of redundant situations makes him a masterpiece of the butler characters of the anime world.

16. Hino Akiharu

Hino Akiharu

What makes orphan kids think and act if they lose their parents in childhood is heart-warming!

Orphan Hino left his uncle’s home to assume his uncle’s responsibility and got himself enrolled in a school. The school was meant to train the butlers and maids!

He is baffled to see his childhood friend, who turns out to be naughty! What to call a life, kind or more challenging? Watch the “Ladies Versus Butlers” anime to learn more about this poor Hino Akiharu life!

17. Watari (Death Note)


What do I call Watari? A Philanthropist, butler or a mentor? He is all three in the “Death Note” anime series.

His foundation for orphan kids, named Wammy’s House, makes him to be listed as a philanthropist. He serves L, which makes him a butler, and the Wammy’s house teaching spying skills to his residents makes him a mentor, too!

I must say, this old and well-mannered butler has stored more than you can imagine. To know more, watch “Death Note” a little more!

18. Luca


Luca is a butler of Felicita in the “Arcana Famiglia” anime series.

Despite his rough childhood, he turns out to be polite and humble. His dedication to protecting Felicita is depicted when he becomes conscious if someone approaches her!

Is it dedication or something else? Watch “Arcana Famiglia” to unravel more secrets of his perfect life.

19. Charles Phipps

Charles Phipps

This butler has a brain and appears shrewd butler on the list!

Meet Charles Phipps, the butler of Charles Grey, in the “Kuroshitsuji” anime.

He has a good eye to judge others and decipher the situation. He is diligently standing by his master to protect him and to warn him from falling into traps!

20. Black (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime)

Black (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime)

We have a demon butler here!

Meet Black from the “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” anime series. He is a powerful warrior and has fought in the battle of Tempest.

For now, he serves the master Rimuru and is extremely loyal to him.

21. Subaru Konoe

Subaru Konoe

Do you know Subaru Konoe is a maid and not a butler?

There is a long story behind her disguising herself as a man and being the butler of the Suzutsuki family.

This family agreed to keep her as his butler only if she succeeded in hiding her gender during the three year tenure of butler training. She did succeed, but someone found out her reality!

To know how and when this happened and if that person will help her maintain her decorum, watch the Mayo Chiki anime series.

22. Winfield From Kishin Houkou Demonbane

Winfield From Kishin Houkou Demonbane

Some butlers are the epitome of trust and loyalty.

Winfield from the “Kishin Houkou Demonbane” anime series is an excellent example. The Hadou family does not need to provide extra protection to Hadou Ruri when Winfield is around. His politeness, dedication, and balanced state of mind have instilled trust in the mind of the Hadou family.

23. Hong Long

Hong Long

I have found a butler who is an exceptional martial arts practitioner and skilled pilot.

Meet Hong Kong from the Mobile Suit Gundam 00 anime series. Despite being not chosen as the leader of the Wang family, he wholeheartedly accepts her younger sister’s rule and stays by her side all the time.

His loyalty and skillset are well known. Still, it makes me wonder why his family doubted his inefficiency in becoming the leader, which is a mystery! Watch “Mobile Suit Gundam 00” to get to the core of Hong Kong’s traits.

24. Wu

It makes me wonder! Does the attribute “trust” fall in the criminal’s mindset?

Looking at Wu’s master, this happens to be a compulsion and need for emotional balance. Wu’s master is cruel and brutal to the instant that he turns out to be a killer of his family members.

His family has not gained enough recognition when it comes to practicing civility. He belongs to the criminal family and is the fortunate heir of the malicious empire.

Watch Wu and his master in “Bananafish” if you are a fan of brutality and evil politics!

25. Triplet Butlers

Triplet Butlers

We have a story of three brothers who are butlers.

Like every skilled person, all three excel in what they do. One is good at cleaning and organizing the house, while one is good at preparing delicious dishes. Together, this trio turns out to dominate the butler traits of the anime

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